DID Claus von Stauffenberg

DID (Dragon in Dreams) 1/6 scale Claus von Stauffenberg or Klaus Schenk von Stauffenberg figure my version 🙂


some changes i made with this figure is:

Headscuplt – DID Claus von Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise look-alike).

Body – Hot Toys True Type 38 Narrow Shoulder.

Uniform/outfit – DID Heins Guderian – German WWII general (panzer).

Pistol with holster – DID P38 Luger non-metal with leather-like holster.

Grenade case – German WWII Stick-Grenades in metallic case/attache (Armoury Packkasten Fur Hardgranate 24).  


 The DID headsculpt is easy to transfer to the Hot Toys short neck post, it’s a perfect fit actually compared to the neck post of the DID body itself!

The HOT TOYS body’s flat chested design had a improved effect on the clothing, having that more natural hang/drop of the uniform on the body.


A german SS infantry with Stauffenberg…

Body – Hot Toys Caucasian Type-38 body (relaunch limited edition) featuring a Tom Cruise (Top Gun) headsculpt.

Uniform/Outfit – DID SS winter reversible parka (Julius Hanke) with belt-straps with K98 leather-like ammo pouches.

Helmet – DID  (Leon Basin?) German M40 winter helmet, white, metal, with liner and straps.

Rifle – DML German KAR-98 rifle.


“… these stick grenades will be more effective i think, one stick for every officers present in the bunker!”  🙂

note: First posting after 2 months since creating this blog site!  still a learning process, photos a bit dark (?) testing proper lighting and just using a Nokia 2.1 megapixel cel-camera.


2 thoughts on “DID Claus von Stauffenberg

  1. Very nice AL 🙂 I really like both figures. Hot Toys True Type Narrow body really works well. After all, not all of us are built like Arnold Swarzenegger.

    1. I think the newer TrueType Slim body may be more preferable to use when there is too many layering in clothings. I will make a separate post for that German soldier 🙂

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