Ignite Roman Legionary

Heres my two versions of a 1/6 scale Roman Legionary using the following parts:

Body – Hot Toys TrueType 38 with a  Jake Gyllenhaal look alike headsculpt

Outfit – Ignite Toys SPQR Julius Ceasar’s Imperial Roman Legion



 Body – BBI G3.5 with headsculpt unknown (BBI or different brand?)

Outfit – Ignite Toys Roman Legionary with attic helmet



 I noticed that the Ignite Toys figures can be improved by replacing the body-headsculpt to better fit the gears/outfit.

The accessories by Ignite especially thier metal-made weapons are done well and detailed.


 Notice the glove hands on the figure… it’s a modern sniper gloves! was going to replace it but looks cool so… for the moment until i need gloves for my other figures 🙂

I was trying to get the Russel Crowe headsculpt by HOT TOYS but no luck at ebay! hard to find nowadays… would be great on a Roman Centurion figure.


Both headgears/helmets are made of metal! but the body armor plates are just molded plastic in metallic paint… but still Ignite manage to get those armor plates looking like real metal!

For now this Legionaires are ok, further updates in clothing can be done using the Jerkin/Tunic  set by Crazy Owners.

CAUTION: The metal parts (e.g. weapons) are pointed or sharp, not suitable or recommended for child play. If displayed should be kept away from within child reach.


2 thoughts on “Ignite Roman Legionary

    1. hi thanks for visiting my site, your best option would be online like on ebay. or check out some online toy shops like Monkey Depot, Viking Playground, Urban Samurai etc. Try researching online about 1/6 toy figures to get some ideas of the different 1/6 brands (e.g. Hot Toys, DID, Dragon, BBI, ACE, TTL , Ignite etc) before buying.
      Keep in mind the figures shown here is a kitbash of different 1/6 brands figures. my Roman Legion is a mix of Hot Toys body and IGNITE Roman accessories.
      Goodluck on your search.

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