BBI SWAT “Chuck Morris”

This is my version of the BBI SWAT “Chuck Morris” 🙂 


 figure parts breakdown:

Body – TrueType 38 body Hot Toys US Army Special Forces

Headsculpt – Hot Toys USAF Airman Security Force ‘Jude Law’ look-alike.

Uniform – ABU (Airman Battle Uniform) Hot Toys USAF Airman Security Force

Headgear – PASGT with visor shield HOT TOYS SWAT 1.0

Body Vest – Point blank body armor with weapon mag pouches BBI SWAT ‘Chuck Morris’

Belt – Modern web belt Dragon DML (molded plastic)

Sidearm – M9 pistol with lineyard and holster featuring ankle knife holder US Secret Service ERT

Radio/Com – Radio with hand mike US Secret Service ERT

Leg Pouch – Gas mask/multi-purpose leg pouch US Secret Service ERT

Weapon – SOPMOD M4 with 4x Day Optical scope, AN-PEQ 2 Infrared Target Illuminator, Visible bright light, Forward grip. Soldier Story US Army 1st SFOD

Footwear – Danner boots Tan (cloth material) Soldier Story 1st Cav Saw Gunner Iraq

Sunglasses and wristwatch – Hot Toys 






  Maybe this figure should be named Hot Toys Sheriff Deputy “Judge Lew” (due to copyright reason we dont use Jude Law) 🙂

"Step away from the Skull sir!..."
"Step away from the Skull sir!..."


The figure in white is from the Equilibrium movie figure set featuring a Christian Bale headsculpt. The Skull i found by chance at ebay, its a Terminator T-800 (?) head diecast made featuring a lightup eyes! cool!


"...Skull secured!... suspect apprehended..."
"...Skull secured!... suspect apprehended..."

2 thoughts on “BBI SWAT “Chuck Morris”

    1. Actually i have a hard time naming my kitbash figures, most of the time i don’t end up with what i initially plan, something comes along in the process, like i’ll do a marine but end up doing a legionaire instead! 🙂

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