HOT TOYS 101st Airborne Division


This kitbash turns out to be somewhat similar to VERY HOT TOYS 101st Airborne Division gear set thus the title…  


Body/Headscuplt – Hot Toys Truetype 38, Hot Toys Firefighter Trainee 2.0 with a ‘Joaquin Phoenix’ look-alike headsculpt (i purchased this body without hands and feet but the pegs are all included so i put a BBI /ACE  Gloved hand and a Hot Toys feet)

Uniform – Army Combat uniform (ACU), Toy Soldier ( I like this version by Toy Soldier (not greenish, it’s grayish), but looking forward to the version made by ACE, will compare soon)

Headgear – MICH helmet ACU cover, Toy Soldier ( I noticed that Toy Soldier’s headgears looks well proportioned compared to others… still need to get/see thier PASGT helmet)

Belt –  Blast belt with suspender, Hot Toys Airman Security Force Iraq


Body Vest/Pouches – Vest with M9 chest holster,Hot Toys Airman Security Force Iraq (Hot Toys vest are cool but putting the pouches to the vest is frustrating! hehe, recently i prefer the Saturday Toys/Playhouse vest/pouches)

Backpack/Hydration – Backpack with Hydration tube, VeryHotToys 101st Airborne

Goggles – ESS type clear lens,  Soldier Story or VeryHotToys (?)

Tactical Light – Flashlight with holster, Hot Toys Three Infantry Battalions Fallujah (this is supposed to be attach to the vest but i instead placed it on the helmet)


Weapon – M4 CASV with  VLTOR railings, AN/PEQ2 Infrared Illuminator, visible bright light, and scope, Soldier Story Team Leader SF ODA (the scope is a S&B CQB short dot)


 Sidearm – M9 / tactical leg drop holser with extra mag holder / molle attachment, BBI or Hot Toys (I forgot from what figure i got this)



Radio/Com – F3 radio with divers style head set, Hot Toys (forgot what figure came from)

Rappeling Harness – Soldier Story SAD

Footwear – Danner boots Tan, Soldier Story 1st Cav SAW gunner



Note: The BBI glove seems a bit small, must replace with a Hot Toys glove for better articulation at the wrist. The Soldier Story M4 is a bit fragile, I already broke the sling attachment during poses. The VeryHotToys hydration backpack is nice but suffers from low material quality, like the plastic hooks/clamps(?) easily breaks!

I forgot to include the anti-tank missile launcher, will update….


2 thoughts on “HOT TOYS 101st Airborne Division

  1. That’s a fantastic looking bash you have come up with here.

    I have been thinking about doing a 1/6 scale ACU soldier myself, but I am having trouble finding the Interceptor vest and gear to get it started.
    You know the one with the deltoids and groin protectors.

    Have a great week.

    Steve, Australia.

  2. Thanks…
    the problem with the interceptor vest in 1/6 is being bulky, and the one i use here i found out later is the latest body armor vest use by the US army (IOTV Improved Outer Tactical Vest) as replacement to the Interceptor vest. the US marines now use the Modular Tactical Vest.

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