HOT TOYS Desert Storm US Army

With all the new figures coming out in a variety of current/modern uniform and gears i realized i missed out on kitbashing a Desert Storm/Kuwait/90’s era US soldier!


Recently i watched two movies on cable which featured the uniform/gears of that era, “Jarhead” and “Three Kings”.  Further research on the Internet provide me further info on what US soldiers use in the period of Iraq-Kuwait conflict or 90’s era.


In this movie poster of Jarhead, it shows the basic gear/setup, PASGT helmet and vest, ALICE fighting load, and M16. They are wearing the woodland pattern, maybe the Protective Covering Uniform (PCU) for NBC nuclear-biological-chemical attack.


Body – Hot Toys TrueType 1.0 body with gloved hands and headsculpt featuring a real-like hair! Hot Toys CVC Cover all version. (This is the early version of the TrueType body by Hot Toys, it’s a bit muscular in frame but the chest is not bulky compared to Dragon Neo,  Soldier Story S1, or BBI G3.5 bodies. The feet or ankle is not the ball joint type, and the wrist joint is similar to Dragon but different wrist post.

One problem with this early TrueType is the hands, this one has a bendy gloved hands, i had a hard time posing the hands to grip the M16 rifle that’s why i have no photo of this figure in a shooting pose.

Weapon – M16 with grenade launcher and Night Vision sight scope. Hot Toys weapon set 1. (this is an earlier weapon by Hot Toys, and it really is huge! i don’t know if this is same scale as the newly released M16 use in the Predator Dutch figure).

Uniform – Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) 3-color Desert pattern. Dragon DML (functional pockets) (Hard to find nowadays a BDU type 1/6 clothing, this Dragon BDU is somewhat short in the sleeves and pants length).


The standard uniform during desert shield and desert storm was the 6-color chocolate chip pattern 4 front pockets BDU’s. Here I’m using the 3-color desert pattern BDU. The PCU they use at that time was in woodland pattern i think.

Boots – Desert BDU boots. Dragon DML (molded plastic, still searching for a cloth-material boots)

Boonie Hat – Dragon DML (this boonie seems a bit large(?), maybe)

Shirt – Soldier Story (forgot the actual brand, i need to remove the head to fit the shirt).


The PASGT vest is made of Kevlar material. it is lighter than the previous flak vest of the Vietnam era. It’s categorized as a Flak jacket for protection against shrapnel or small debris, but it can also stop small caliber bullets.

The PASGT vest is only available in 3-color woodland camo pattern, but there is a 3-color desert and 6-color chocolate  pattern that can be use to cover the vest.  Photo above shows the layering of the vest and cover vest.


Headgear – PASGT with 3-color desert camo cover, HOT TOYS USMC Sniper Iraqi Freedom (23rd Marine Regiment) (It’s also hard to find 1/6 PASGT style helmet nowadays, looking forward to getting a Toy Soldier PASGT).

Googles – ESW type clear lense goggles. Dragon DML (I like this compared to the Hot Toys version)

Webgear – ALICE Fighting Load. Dragon DML Equipment Set A and B.

The ALICE (All Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) Fighting load consist of  the Individual equipment belt LC-2 and the Individual equipment belt suspenders.

In 1981 the LC-2 replaced the LC-1 which uses the M1967 Davis buckle similar to the WWII era pistol belt.

The LC-2 also uses the slide-fasteners or ‘keepers’ for attaching equipment component like ammo pouch, water canteen pouch, entrenching tool, compass, first aid kit…. It still has the holes along the belt to accomodate earlier equipment which was use in the LC-1 and WWII era pistol belts.

Note: I don’t have yet the ALICE Existence Load gear so not included here. the Existence Load consist of the Backpack gears and other essentials use in the field.


Gas Mask – M17 series Chemical/ Biological mask. Hot Toys VBSS Commander. (also shown photo above is the M40 gask mask, i’m not sure what the standard gas mask issued during that era).

Gas mask pouch – Blue Box toys (BBI) John Salias Urban


Due to uncertainty of whether chemical/biological weapons will be use by Iraq, the US troops regularly train/practice using the gas mask even during leisure hours as portrayed in the ‘Jarhead’ movie. Photo above shows them playing football using hooded gas mask!


Note: photos above shows my updated Desert Storm figure… check my “US Soldier ALICE equipment” posting for update regarding this post.


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