Soldier Story (PMC) Private Military Contractor

Here’s my version of a PMC. His sort of a military advisor 🙂


Body – Soldier Story S2 Type body

This S2 body is a great imprvement over the S1 body, only one thing to take note here is the proportion of the head, small? Articulation is pretty good with this S2 body, only some limitation in the neck area since it is a fixed/attached to the body torso, but a ball joint connector with the head compensates.

Headsculpt – I don’t recognize a similarity to any actor with this head but i find this one nicely done. (by the way this body/head is from the Soldier Story ODA Team Leader figure)


Pants – OD/Green Tactical pants, Barrack Sergeant or Playhouse? (I forgot from where i got this pants! it has padding in the knee)

Shirt – WWII German shirt, Dragon DML (some of WWII era clothings/accessories can still be salvage for use in modern kitbashing!)

Boots – Modern black boots (molded plastic), Dragon DML. Currently no money to buy those high end boots 🙂

Vest – CIRAS vest. From Soldier Story EOD figure. It’s a bit bulky not suitable for big/wide  chested body type. I was trying to gear this figure with a jacket or parka but the vest just won’t allow, no adjustments that i see on the vest to remedy this.


 Sidearm – M9 pistol with Lanyard/holster. From Hot Toys NightOps Jumper.


Weapon – M4 with 4X day scope, visible bright light, forward grip/tripod. From Soldier Story EOD figure.

Helmet – Mich TC-2000 ? half-cut with NVG mounting. VeryHotToys Pararescue Jumper.

So many headgear/helmets nowadays PASGT, MICH, IBH, Protec, Half-Cut or Half-head, etc… which is which? maybe i make a post for these someday?


Radio/Com – MBITR (Multi-band Inter/Intra Team Radio) AN-PRC 148 with TASC headset. From Soldier Story.

Jump Harness – from Soldier Story CIA SAD. I expect this PMC to be able to mount/dismount choppers for rapid deployement 🙂

Eyegear – Aviator Type sunglasses. Dragon DML. I really like this shades!

Watch – Analog watch, simulated stainless metal paint, and maybe its automatic? 🙂

Gloves – Green gloves for bendy hands. From Soldier Story SAW Gunner figure.


Coincidentally the newly released PMC by Soldier Story is also bald and bearded! Initially i kit this guy as a Tank crew, then a Chopper pilot, a CIA operative, and here ending up as a PMC.


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