Emergency Response Team Helicopter Crew/Pilot

This is my version of the Hot Toys US Secret Service Emergency Response Team (ERT) assigned to helicopter operations 🙂


Body – DID Type-F body with the newer hand wrist pegs. Type-F(?) not sure how DID categorizes thier bodies but i think they have only used one(?) and the changes they currently have are the wrist pegs, from a Ball-type of thier earlier released bodies, they now use wrist pegs similar to Dragon DML but a bit thicker. No other body type/brand can be interchanged with this body, but the head can be replaced with other brand using the short-neck post.

Headsculpt – so here i used the Hot Toys US Secret Service ERT. The usual way i connect head to the neck (or the tight boots to the feets) is by using ‘Lotion’! yes lotion. (I don’t use the heating up/ or dip in the warm water process).


 With this headsculpt it was easy to snug into the DID short neck post. Don’t push straight down but instead fit in an angle ang the rest will just slide in nicely.

My only concern with the DID body is the neck articulation, it can’t tilt up far enough back, prone/ sniping position would be imposible. The second concern is the length of arms, a bit short(?) in my opinion. The chest is a bit bulky which hampers with fitting of clothes/gears.

I hope DID upgrades thier Bodies considering they are now making high quality headsculpts nowadays.


Helmet – SPH-4B helmet with NVG. This helmet is taken from a 21st Century Rescue Pilot figure or maybe it was a GI-joe brand? can’t be sure since i got this by chance as loose item together with 2 other pilot helmets.


Uniform/Clothing – No available flight/jump suits around but i saw some military chopper pilots in ACU’s! so here i use an ACU pants and matched up with the ERT female jacket! yep its the Female version of the jacket, and they fit nicely. all Hot Toys.

Life Vest – UDT life preserver with CO2 tank. From Hot Toys VBSS Commander.

Body Armor – From BBI joe brenan. I want to use up all my available items and this one i bought a long time ago and finally i think i found the right kitbash for its use!


Sidearm – M9 with shoulder holster. From Hot Toys CVC.

Leg Drop Pouch – Tools/Utility type leg pouch. From Soldier Story EOD.

GPS device – GPS with armwrist strap. From Hot Toys Night Ops Jumper.

Rapelling Harness – From Soldier Story CIA SAD.


Photo above shows BBI Female F-15 Pilot ‘Burner’ reviewing flight operations plan 🙂


I am not familiar with what accessories chopper pilots/crew have, so a bit bare at the moment. I think they have Survival vest/kits (?), not sure if aircraft pilots gear are same with chopper pilots… (for futher upates soon).


With the ongoing calamities happening nowadays (flooding in the Philippines, Earthquake/Tsunamis in Samoa and Sumatra) rescue personel are the ones in the frontline.


Photo above shows the Hot Toys FireFighter Lieutenant Version 2.0 coordinating with my ERT chopper pilot. Wish i can kitbash more of this new heroes of today.


2 thoughts on “Emergency Response Team Helicopter Crew/Pilot

    1. Thanks, I checked and found out that this helmet comes from the Americas Finest Fire Rescue Helicopter Pilot figure set by 21st Century toys.

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