HOT TOYS Firefighters Lieutenant Version 2.0

This is not a kitbash but a product (photo) review, featuring the Hot Toys Firefighters Lieutenant V2.0 figure. I don’t regularly buy boxed figures, i’m used to getting them in loose items and then mix match everything. It is only when the price is right and hard to find as loose that i decide to buy figures mint in box.


Hot Toys released two FireFighters figures, a Lieutenant and a Trainee version featuring a John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix look-alike head sculpts! IMO the basis for the head sculpts was the 2004 movie “Ladder 49”, but the Firefighter suits in that movie was of different color (tan/yellow instead of this blue).


Accesorries includes Firefighter/rescue tools made out of die-cast metal/real wood and a US flag!


Body is a TrueType 38 with a John Travolta look-alike head sculpt. The body has only the boots-feet and Gloved-hands. Both boots and gloves are molded rubber/plastic, so wrist/hand and ankle/foot articulation is limited/hampered.


 All accessories are well detailed, Hot Toys even include a wedge made of real wood.


The gas mask is cool with proper detachable hose connectors to the Oxygen tank. Everything has a somewhat weathered effect, highly noticeable at the hat area. I really liked the way they made the equipments/tools in die-cast metal, even the buckles/fasteners in the suits are metal.


The difference between the Lieutenant and Trainee version can be found on the equipment/tools they have. The Lieutenant features the Hydraulic Spreader (Jaws of Life)  with manual operated pump and the  Trainee features the Sledgehammer, Steel/Bolt-Cutter,  and Firehoses. ( I only  noticed this when writing this post! ).


Both version have the Door pry bar and Fireman Axe aside from the basic accessories; stream lights (3 types), Radio/com, Gas Mask with Oxygen tank, etc.


I did not buy the Trainee version but i did get its headsculpt. Too bad i missed the chance to buy the Fire hose and other tools of the Trainee version i really thought both figures have the same equipment/gears.

"complete your Tour of Duty then i have you as my Firefighter Trainee!"
"complete your Tour of Duty then i have you as my Firefighter Trainee!"

By the way Hot Toys originally did a Firefigthers Figure way back 2002 or 2003 (?) thats why this current Firefighters are labeled Version 2.0

Overall I give this figure a 4 out of 5 stars. My only complain is the limited wrist/ankle articulation due to the ‘Gloved’ hands and ‘Boot’-feets,  other than that everythings great! A recommended buy 🙂


6 thoughts on “HOT TOYS Firefighters Lieutenant Version 2.0

  1. I am looking for a battery operated (possibly remote controlled) Firefighter that was manufactured with a 2002 © under a company HAP-P (not sure I wrote it correctly). He stands between 12-18 and is STURDY. I do not believe that this picture is what I am looking for. I saw it at a local thrift store and someone got it before me but they let me look at it long enough to TRY and get the details. Any gelp would be greatly appreciated

    1. I approved this comment just in case somebody may have an idea of what you are looking for and can help.
      A battery operated firefighter? fireman? or are you referring to a firetruck or fire engine?
      I can only think of the HAP-P-KID Toys brand, you might want to google their web site. They have that Hometown Heroes Fire Truck Rescue which is a Fire Truck with a FireFighter figure… but you said its 12-18 (inches tall?) and sturdy?
      or you might be referring to the Blaze Fighter figure by HAP-P-KID which uses 2xAAA batteries and 19cm tall and sturdy – maybe this is the one your looking?
      hope others can give info if they know of this toy your looking.

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