US Soldier ALICE Equipment

This is a kitbash of a US soldier using the ALICE equipment/gear. The ALICE was widely used during Operation’s Desert Shield and Desert Storm in Kuwait/Iraq. Introduced in 1974 to replace the Vietnam era M1956 and M1967 LCE (Load Carrying Equipment) system.


The All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment or ALICE comprise two load components:

1. Fighting Load – The basic gear used when in actual combat or patrol missions.

2. Existence Load – Overall gear when in transistion or deployment phase.


Photos above shows the ALICE Existence load gear and the Fighting load gear. They are wearing the 3-color desert  and the 6-color chocolate 4 front-pocket BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform).


ALICE Fighting Load – Dragon DML Forward Deployment Area Set 1. I can’t find a 1/6 foldable entrenching tool, but i added a butt pack from Hot Toys NBC figure.


ALICE Existence Load- Medium size ALICE backpack with metal H-Frame support. Hot Toys NBC or Infantry set. I was about to buy the Dragon DML ALICE pack sets but realized i already have this in my Hot Toys NBC figure.

For a better discription of what the ALICE system is check this website 


Details about this kitbash figure:

Body – Dragon NEO body with bendy-type hands. Dragon DML. I decided to use this body since the uniform i use is by Dragon DML, the sleeves are short for other newer body type like the Hot Toys Truetype-38.

Headsculpt – Hot Toys. Hot Toys TrueType-38 Narrow shoulder body set. Fortunately the Hot Toys head is easy to connect to the Dragon Neo neck post. Some earlier Dragon headsculpts are a bit large for the modern type helmets thus the change.

Uniform/Clothing – BDU (battle dress uniform) 4 pockets/6-color chocolate chip pattern. Dragon DML. I had a hard time searching for a newer released brand of this uniform, the main thing to consider with early Dragon clothing is the waistline and arms sleeves length.

Vest and Helmet – PASGT. Vest is from the Dragon DML Forward Deployment Area Set 1 Ultra Pattern. Helmet brand unknown but this is one of the best PASGT helmet i got, it could be a Dragon DML brand but not sure, maybe a Toy Soldier brand since it seems similar. The US extensively use this body/head protection until replaced by the Interceptor Body Armor and MICH helmet.


Sidearm – M-9 (M.1911?) diecast with waist belt holster. Dragon DML.

Weapon – M16 with M203 grenade laucher. Hot Toys NBC figure. This is similar to the Hot Toys Firearms Collection 1 M16 but without the night scope and PEQ laser pointer.

Knife/Bayonet – M-9 Multi-purpose Bayonet System (MPBS). from Hot Toys VBSS Commander figure.


Others – watch from Hot Toys. Fingerless gloves from Soldier Story. Goggles – SWD type Dragon DML. Boots – Dragon DML. havent verified yet what tha actual issued boots are.

Gas Mask – M17 with hood covering. Hot Toys NBC figure. Gas Mask carrier/pouch from BBI Salias figure.


Photo above shows the M-17 type gas mask, without the hood and with hood versions. Also in photo is the M40 Sniper Rifle with silencer, in desert camo paint, with bi-pods. 


Photo below shows my two desert storm figures in basic infantry gear using the ALICE system. Additional firepower is the M-47 DRAGON anti-tank missile launcher. It is from 21st Century weapons set. It is nicely done and i think of better quality than the Zacca brand, will make a post about it next time.


The ALICE system was later replaced by the  MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment or MOLLE system, introduce in 1997. The MOLLE system was widely use during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afganistan. Will post about the MOLLE soon 🙂


4 thoughts on “US Soldier ALICE Equipment

    1. Thanks alex, i had fun and great time kitbashing this figures, seraching all around the web items which i end up finding just in my loose bin! LOL. I got some ideas from your website on some of the items to use. 🙂

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