Recieved the HOT TOYS TrueType 38 body Slim version and the first thing i noticed is its height and body frame. Small! The small body frame is logical since its a “slim” type body, but the height… i guess Hot Toys was identifying this body type to  “teens” or “young-age” figures (?).

Anyways the height might be an issue with others, but it’s a welcome addition to my collection, I’ve been looking for  a replacement body to my Soldier Story S1 and this would be fitting since the smaller head of the S1 will easily match the body frame of this figure.

The body set only include one neck post adapter which is the long type, and 2 pairs of hands, a fixed shooting/weapon grip and bendy hands. There was no problems in removing the head and hands, not too tight and not too loose. All joints are ok as usual Hot Toys quality. A figure display stand is of course included in the set.


Hot toys TrueType 38 original body and the Slim-type body. check out head size, shoulder level, neck adapters.

I pose the slim body with other 1/6 brand bodies that i have for comparison:


Hot Toys TT-38 “slim” with DID Type-F version 1 and Dragon DML Neo-Body.


Hot Toys TT-38 “slim” with Soldier Story S1 and S2 bodies. Note S2 has a fixed neck-post.


Hot Toys TT-38 “slim” with Hot Toys TT-38 original and ACE body.


Hot Toys TT-38 “slim” with BBI G1.0 and G3.5 bodies.


 Hot Toys TT-38 “slim” with Barrack Sergeant’s Alpha and Bravo bodies. Bravo is at left. Alpha has a longer leg.


Hot Toys TT-38 “slim” with Hasbro and Ignite bodies. Note the Hasbro body is from Star Wars Jango Fett figure set. It is similar to early GI-joe bodies.

The main advantage of this “Slim” body would be its accomodation of several cloth layering or bulky vest/gears. One factor limiting other body figures in using multiple layered clothing/uniform aside form the vest/gears  is its chest size. The BBI G3.5, DID Type-F, and Soldier Story S1 suffers from this oversized(?) chest problem. I read from 1/6 figure forums that they modify the chest size by “cutting” thru the chest plates, easy said than done i guess, not my expertise :).

Photos below show how the articulation of joints is possible for each body. Note the reach of neck far back and up, the elbow joint max, knee joints and leg reach.


The Dragon DML Neo-body seems to be the average body type of them all, a change in the wrist joints would be nice. For play purposes (kid’s use/play) this three bodies (BBI G1.0/Dragon DML/Hasbro) are recommended.


The DID Type F main problem is its neck and chest size, and the BBI G3.5 is its elbow fold reach and also chest size. The Ignite elbow and knee joints are a bit too tight and body is lightweight, DID Type-F being the heaviest.


The Barrack Sergeant bodies are very articulate but joints are loose! i have a hard time posing them that i end up putting figure stands to keep them upright. The Soldier Story S2 is great in its articulation only problem is head proportions with respect to its body.


To my surprise, the Hot Toys TT-38 original just slightly moved its neck far back comparing it to the Soldier story s1, but the TT-38 slim did ok even the elbow fold is great similar to the DID type-F reach. Both TT-38 have excellent leg articulations, they managed to have thier bodies straight and not leaning backwards. The ACE body is wide! but slim(?), it can use the  Hot Toys feet and boot-feet.


 So what 1/6 body is the best to have? Depends i guess on your taste/like, purpose (display or play), availability (your location), and especially your budget! (affordable for you?). For me my focus would be the Headsculpt and body proportions. The articulation not so much since my main purpose is for display only.

1/6 collectors/Kitbashers have more choices nowadays compared to the days when there’s only a few 1/6 companies available like Hasbro and Action Man. More 1/6 bodies are available out there now like  Toy Soldier, Saturday Toys, Medicom, and the new TTL bodies. and also not to forget the Female bodies.



    1. Not much people are posting about these bodies so i did, hope this will be usefull info to others. Wish i can get ALL 1/6 body brands to get a complete comparison 🙂

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