HOT TOYS Terminator Endoskeleton T-600

This is my first Terminator figure! 🙂 and it’s huge! The Terminator Endoskeleton model 600 or T-600.


I was hesitant to buy considering the price tag for this contraption ranges around $150 to $200+ plus the delivery fee! for a 12 inch toy figure that is expensived! I would choose a Perfect Grade Gundam model kit at that price! 🙂

But then again this is not just a “toy” its a masterpiece and it towers to 14 inch!  and the very best thing about this particular figure is…. i won it thru ebay bidding at a very low price including shipping :).


The first thing to keep in mind when handling Hot Toys figures is they are fragile and not for kid’s play. This is particularly true with the T-600. I’m empress with the articualtion, surprise with the piston/hydraulics movement, all functioning up to the individual fingers!


It looks metal but all is made of plastic (exception is the springs/coils), they did a great job on painting/weathering. I think there is a Endoskeleton figure made of diecast metal manufactured by Aoshima(?), wonder if the articulation is the same as this T-600, that would be awesome!


The eyes light up thru a switch at the back. I havent check yet the battery compartment, maybe same spot as the switch.


T-600 is in 1/6 scale measuring 14 inches tall.


Almost forgot the T-600 is equiped with a gatling gun (or mini-gun) complete with ammo backpack. I prefer not to armed my T-600 with the gun less he wiped out my entire 1/6 soldiers :).


As i am more on kitbashing i tried it out to my Ed Norton trooper and it fits nicely. His wearing the DID Multicam uniform.


Ed Norton would make a good “Connor” 🙂 The straps for the back pack is a bit tight, especially at the waist, well its made for the T-600 not for humans. It would be cool to have two of mini-guns at both arms… a nice kitbash as a Predator or Alien hunter, just got me an idea! 🙂


4 thoughts on “HOT TOYS Terminator Endoskeleton T-600

    1. I recommend aiming for that “rubber-skin(mask)” version, i see they just have a slight difference in price, it has two weapons. If your like me, an ebay “watcher”, you will definitely chance upon a bargain one! goodluck 🙂

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