Heres a kitbash of a  German Waffen SS (Armed Shutzstaffel) soldier using DID uniform/gears on a Hot Toys Truetype body.


The Waffenn SS is the military arm of the Nazi Party during World War II. They are seperate and independent from the regular German military. They were supposed to be the military police in the Countries conquered by the Nazi after the end of the War.


Reversible parka – DID (Julius Hanke), and cold weather boots – DID (Leon Basin). The Waffen SS wore camouflage, which is one distinction from their Heer (regular army) counterparts.


The Karabiner 98 Kurz (Kar 98K)  bolt action 5-round clip rifle  – Dragon DML.


The basic gear: Kar 98K ammo pouches, Bread bag with canteen and water bottle, Gas Mask cylinder container, Bayonet, Belt and Y-straps. (all DID)


The M42 Helmet – DID (metal and painted white/snow). The German military used three types during World War II; the  M35, M40, and the M42. More info here


The M43 Tunic/pants and leather short boots – DID. The German military had several variations of their uniforms basically labelled from the year that they were introduced; M36, M40, M43, M44 to name a few.


Headsculpt – Tom Cruise look-alike. HotToys.


“The Waffen-SS was condemned as a criminal organisation due to its essential connection to the Nazi Party and its involvement in war crimes. Waffen-SS veterans were denied many of the rights afforded to veterans who had served in the Heer (army), Luftwaffe (air force) or Kriegsmarine (navy). The exception made was for Waffen-SS conscripts sworn in after 1943, who were exempted due to their involuntary servitude.” – source Wikipedia 🙂


2 thoughts on “HOT TOYS – DID Waffen SS

  1. Very good base figure you decided to use on this one, I have the Hot Toys special edition sniper and always liked the head sculpt.

    1. the Hot Toys body is ok, my only complain is the foot. when not using a boot-feet it tends to be loose on the foot/anke joints. actually i much prefer to use a boot-feet, but if not possible then try to use a solid or sturdy boots to keep the ankle/foot joint supported.
      One main thing i notice on any figure is the headsculpt. it carries the overall look of the figure IMO.

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