SunStar DMC De Lorean Time Machine

“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads!” – and so goes the famous line of Doc Brown in the classic movie “Back To The Future” shown in 1985!


Here’s my 1:18 DMC De Lorean Time Machine as my memorabilia of that movie. This is made by Sun Star. They made all three versions of the De Lorean as seen on the movie trilogy. This version is the one seen on Part II and the ending scenes of Part I.


This version is using the “Mr. Fusion” power source for harnessing garbage/waste materials for fuel as opposed to the original version which uses plutonium as fuel.


A switch is found underneath the car which controls the folding of the wheels for flight/hover mode.


The Dashboard panel is detailed with just stickers but nicely done, foot pedals, hand brakes, gear stick, dials are all present including the “Flux Capacitor” behind the seats which makes Time Travel possible!

I think everyone now ages 35 to 45+ knows what the “Flux Capacitor” is and only Marty Mcfly got confused as to what it really does! but I’m sure E.T. did’nt have this on the bike with Elliot as they made thier escape! LOL.


Doors and hoods opens, showing detailed interior inside. The Gull-Wing style of opening the doors is cool! door/trunk hinges are tight.


This De Lorean is a combination of Diecast metal and plastic materials. It’s a bit heavy and the paint job is pretty nice simulating (aluminum?) stainless steel.


My Star Wars Rebel Pilots inspecting the De Lorean! Wandering how it runs on “wheels”? 🙂 Too bad i don’t have 1/18 figures of Doc Brown and Marty!


To thier surprise this De Lorean can fold its wheels and “hover” like Luke’s landspeeder! I think Back to the Future got it’s concept of the flying car from Star Wars? or maybe they really did got back from the Future! 🙂

The real De Lorean was introduced in the US around 1981 but was short-lived ending production in 1982! producing only 9,000 units. Back to the Future was shown in 1985. Why they choose the De Lorean to be the Time Machine in the film? I don’t know…

“The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?” – maybe this line by Doc Brown can give a hint, the rest was box office history! Huey Lewis and the News’ Back in Time playing 🙂


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