HOT TOYS – Toymaster War Journalist

ToyMaster released a War Journalist figure lately wearing checkered shirt and slacks with media vest, mine i decided to make it wearing a suit with a military desert boots and gloves. A journalist in style!


Using a Hot Toys TrueType body featuring a Mark Wahlberg headsculpt, the ToyMaster version have a Leonardo DiCarpio headsculpt. This one is taken from the Hot Toys Mountain Ops Sniper figure.


The Cameras i used here is from ToyMaster and Hot Toys. The ToyMaster includes 3 interchangeable lenses (check out the white one!) and carrying case. The Hot Toys is from the DEVGRU or CIA figure. I’m not that familiar with cameras but i think these are DSLR (Digital SLR) cameras(?)


The Hot Toys camera is of better quality compared to the ToyMaster. It however does have a problem with the locking mechnism of the lens to the camera. The ToyMaster white telephoto zoom lense has a connector for tripod assembly.


The suit is from ACI Toys Men in Suit series figure. It is colored blue with shoulder paddings and black shirt. The belt has workable buckle. I also included a CNN reporter ID from ToyMaster and of course a celphone wifi capable 🙂


I prefer my journalist to be armed just in case… for personal protection 🙂 This M9 with belt clip holster is from Toy Soldier.

My original plan was to kitbash an Assassin or a hitman type of figure (since mark wahlberg have movies like Shooter, Max Payne, and several action films where he played as a hitman) but ended up doing this journalist instead. To lazy to remove the M9 pistol and holster, but it turns out fine so it stays. he could also be a CIA operative 🙂


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