McFarlane Halo 3 Master Chief

I knew nothing much about Halo 3 except for it being a hit video game and which i completed playing in months time using beginners level!


Anyways i stumbled on this McFarlane figure at walmart and decided to buy it as a momento for finishing the game.

Now this is where i get confused about scales. Aside from the 1/6 scale which is 12 inches tall figures, i only knew about the Star Wars figures which is 3-3/4 inches average (1/18 scale?), so i had in mind that all small figures are of same scale to the Star Wars figures.


But this Master Chief figure stands 5 inches tall! and i checked the McFarlane website it says this figure is at 6 inch scale and 5 inches tall.


McFarlane has released so many Halo figures and this one is from their Halo 3 Series 1 Campaign having 18 points of articulation, a far cry from Hot Toys 12 inch figures’ 38 points articulation 🙂


This figure despite standing just 5 inches tall is well detailed and really looks cool! I might buy the other Master Chiefs they produced in the Series 2 and 3 Campaign collection which have different rifles in their packaging and improved articulations.


I hope Star Wars will make a figure in same scale as this or even maybe the 7 inch scale(?) as those of NECA figures (maybe will check out those 7 inches tall Terminator series of theirs). At the moment i still collect the Star Wars 3-3/4 scale figures but now only limited to the Clone Troopers / Stormtroopers figures.

Have a hard time deciding whether to open or not the packaging of this figure. One advantage of not opening is maintaining the figure at its mint condition, downside is storage space when not displayed.


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