ACE US Infantry Vietnam Era

My 1/6 scale kitbash of a  US Infantry during Vietnam war using an ACE Body with a Soldier Story headsculpt.

Uniform – 1966 Tropical 2nd pattern combat uniform by ACE

Boots – 1967  DMS Spike Protective Jungle Boots by ACE

Helmet – M1 steel pot helmet with Mitchell pattern (or green leaf) helmet cover by Toy Soldier (smaller version)

Radio/Com – PRR-9(?) portable radio by Hot Toys

Vest – 1955 Flak Vest by Wild Works

Load Carrying Equipment – M1956 LCE (butt pack, Ammunition pouches, first aid pouch, water canteen pouches) by Soldier Story

Backpack- 1969 ARVN rucksack/backpack by HOT TOYS

Weapons – M203 Grenade Launcher by DML Dragon / M16A2 rifle by DML Dragon/ Dragonuv SVD rifle by Hot Toys / Knife by DML Dragon(?) / M1911 .45 cal pistol in shoulder holster by DID.

Note: the M16 shown here is not the standard issue version used in Vietnam era, unfortunately had a hard time finding the right on sale. Should be using also the M14 instead of the Dragonuv SVD.

Will still update post for final revision.



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