Hot Toys US Army CVC

This is my 1/6 Hot Toys US Army CVC (Combat Vehicle Crew) figure. This is the coveralls version. Hot Toys made two CVC, the other is the Camouflage BDU version.

I upgraded the body using the newer TrueType body from Hot Toys featuring the headsculpt of  British Prince Harry. The older/early True Type body is somewhat disproportion IMO.  Added a binoculars by Hot Toys, replaced the M3 grease gun with a DID version. I replaced the goggles too with DML Dragon SWD goggles.

The CVC helmet. hard to find 1/6 item, lucky i chance upon this complete boxset figure at a low bid price. I guessed others didn’t notice this bid item since the seller made a mistake of labeling this figure 🙂

For body protection his using a low profile body armor against shrapnel and the CVC hood and coveralls against fire/heat. The real CVC coveralls is said to be made of  fire-retardant materials.

Hot Toys did a great job in reproducing the CVC coveralls and jacket  in 1/6 scale. All zippers are functional and detailed. The boots is made of synthetic leather (?) with functional buckles, it could have been better if the boots where not too shiny and should be weathered.

In case his Tank is damaged/destroyed, his main weapon on foot is the M3 grease gun and a secondary sidearm M9 pistol. The M3 is favored for its compact size which is suitable to keep in the cramp/tight spaces inside the Tank. The M3 here is by DID. The Hot Toys version is somewhat overscaled so i replaced it.

Noticed the hood when use on the figure is a bit bulky, hard time fitting the helmet on it. I think they only wear this hood during actual combat. Tank crew also use gas mask in the event of a NBC (nuclear/biological/chemical) attack. This figure has a M25A1 gas mask pouch but does not include the gas mask.

Overall this figure set is great, just keep in mind when purchasing older Hot Toys figure set, they have different True Type bodies so different wrist and ankle pegs, the boots is usually made of stiff plastic molded material and not the boot feet type, and as usual some parts are fragile so handle with care.


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