WWII US (CVC) Tank Crew

This is my 1/6 scale kitbash US Tank Crew – World War II era.

Body is a DID Ricky Foster figure with bendy hands. Cloth Gloves from Soldier Story.

Tanker Helmet by Dragon DML. Using a modern M44 SWD (Sand, Wind, Dust) goggles also by Dragon DML. Binoculars and Gas Mask Pouch by DID. 

A detailed description of the tanker helmet can be found here:http://www.olive-drab.com/od_soldiers_clothing_combat_ww2_helmet_tanker.php

M1936 Pistol belt, First Aid pouch, water canteen, and .45 ammo pouch by Soldier Story. Knife with unique knuckles grip, triple grenade pouch with leg strap, and M1911 pistol with leather pouch is by DID. The boots is by Dragon DML, this has a nice weathered effect paint and detailed boot soles.

Jacket by Gameitoys from its Callous Soldiers figure Mr.F., this is somewhat similar to a tanker jacket, just different collar and color. I’m surprise of its nice quality, the zipper in particular is sized appropriately. Hard time finding a 1/6 Tanker Jacket  so i settled for this one.

Tanker Bib Overalls by Dragon DML, this has functional metal clips/fasteners to its jumpers and  front zippers, the location for the groin zipper and lower leg button clips is included just as the real thing. This is a second pattern bib tanker trousers. 

A detailed description of the tanker trouser can be found here: http://www.olive-drab.com/od_soldiers_clothing_combat_ww2_trousers_combat_winter.php

The M1A1 Thompson “Tommy” Sub-Machine Gun by Dragon DML. Wish i have the metal/wood DID version. I just learned that this gun was initially created for trench warfare fighting of World War I. It’s rapid rate of fire is truly useful in flashing out enemies in the trenches! It became the weapon of choice by both police and criminals/gangsters during the Prohibition era in the US!

Now only if i have a 1/6 scale Tank to match these CVC’s! 🙂


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