HoT Toys USMC F-4 Phantom Pilot

This is a photo review of the 1/6 Hot Toys USMC F-4 Phantom Pilot featuring the Tiger Stripe flight suit.

I believe this figure is based on a Vietnam era F-4 pilot. The F-4 Phantom was widely used during Vietnam War.

Tiger-Stripes flight suit and a red undershirt (but i noticed in the box the shirt is brown in color). Pistol belt is cloth/metal material, Pistol is a M1911 with leather holster.

The aviator sunglasses and watch nicely done and detailed. Aviator boots is a boot-feet (molded plastic), having sockets for the foot peg of the Hot Toys body.

The MK-2A Anti-G Suit (or Gravity pants) with Functional laces/strap and leg garters. Pilots wear these for proper blood circulation when engaged in high-G flight manuevers.

MA2 Torso Harness.

Survival vest with LPU-23/P life-preserver and Helmet bag. In the event their planes crashed, pilots must be equipped with survival gears to aid them while waiting for rescue to arrive.

The survival vest includes Angle head flashlight, AN/PRC-90 radio, MK79 pen flares and launcher, water bottle, military whistle, pocket knife, shroud knife. All pouches in the vest are functional. This pilot figure carries a M1911 pistol, during Vietnam conflict there was a high rate of aircrafts being shot down in hostile territory, so pilots were armed just in case.

Headsculpt is a young Sean Connery or a Daniel Craig look-alike, i think! Body of course is a Hot Toys TrueType-38 white caucasian (but the skin tone of head and body is different, head being darker than the body) with boot-feet and bendy hands with cloth aviator gloves.

The APH-6/A Aircrew helmet with A-13A oxygen mask. The helmet is made of hard plastic or i think a PVC material? The rivets along the helmet is metal. It has rubber padding inside. Also included is a gray cotton skull-cap.

If you want to see actual gears of military pilots you can check this website

Overall i rate this figure 4.5 out of 5 stars. The o.5 less is for the small fragile parts, everything else is simply amazing! Comparing to a real photo of a actual fighter pilot, the gears are almost if not exactly the same on this figure! If your into collecting military model aircrafts and pilot figures, this one is a must-buy, very nice/detailed 1/6 scale (12 inch) figure! 🙂


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