Star Wars Medicom RAH Luke Skywalker

Medicom RAH (Real Action Heroes) Star Wars line of figures are known for being short/small in scale and this is really disappointing since it will be awkward to display these with other 1/6 scale figures. But Medicom figures has sort of a league of its own, despite some downsides they really look good IMHO.

This is Medicom RAH 1/6 Star Wars Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker:

This Luke Skywalker is based on the Star Wars Episode III – Return of the Jedi. Notice his right gloved hand, this represents his biomechanical hand since in Episode II – Empire Strikes Back, his right hand was cut off by Darth Vaders lightsaber.

The Jedi robe! Medicom did a great job on this robe or cloak(?) A wire is attached on the hoods rim but nothing on the robes edges. A single hook keeps the robe in place. The cloth is like a suede type material.

Removing the robe reveals Luke in his all black uniform with a coat-vest.

Luke’s Lightsaber! nicely done and detailed. it has two end attachments, one for the Lightsaber beam and the other an end cap for unlit lightsaber. Also included but not in photo is a set of hands and gloved hands in different hand gestures (3 pair bare hands and 1 gloved hands and 1 extra gesture hand)

Luke is using the Medicom RAH 301 body. Was not able to remove the clothings to reveal the body. Well sometimes a blaster weapon can be handy even for a Jedi Knight. Note the blaster is not included in the set, it’s from a Sideshow Star Wars figure.

Heres Luke in comparison to two Hot Toys Truetype 1/6 scale figures. Mark Hamill who plays Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movie is short in height so i think this match up looks ok reflecting Lukes real height in 1/6(?) At first i kind of was not impress by this figure set due to its simplicity and body proportions but now I’m glad to had have this, its the best Luke so far out there in the 1/6 market. I’m giving it a 4 out 5 stars rating.

Almost Christmas! Been away for a while and was surprise to see a lot of new 1/6 scale stuffs introduced this past weeks. Probably exciting to know what your christmas action figure will be under the christmas tree! 🙂 Happy Holidays to all!!!


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