Dragon DML EOD Protective Suits

Happy New Year to all… 2010 is almost here, 15 hours to go to be exact its 9:00am pacific time December 31,2009 here in US california. New Year celebration in almost all countries will involved firecrackers and fireworks. What better way to protect oneself from these explosive event? wear a EOD protective suit! 🙂

Nope this are not Astronauts! these are the 1/6 Dragon DML HK Police EOD (Explosive Ordinance Division) Bureau Protective Suits. They have three version actually and these are the Hong Kong Police EODs version. The third one is the US military EOD “Dennis”.

Not shown in the photos are the Radio’s and EOD accessories/tools which aids in successfully disarming or disabling an explosive device. Theres also a tube attached to the helmets probably an air duct/hose for air ventilation to keep the visors of the helmet clear and mist free.

Hongkong Police EOD Bureau Simon and Jimmy. (NOTE: The figures are swap so they are wearing the suit of the other instead!)

The Bomb Disposal Suit. This is actually the suit of Simon. (I had these figures stored away for a long time and hastily suit them up unknowingly i paired the wrong suit to the wrong body figure!)

Note the boots slides in the protective foot covering of the pants. The base uniform of both figure is of a nylon type material.

The SRS-5 Lightweight Explosive Protection System Suit. The Bomb Disposal Suit has better cloth material than the SRS-5, it is softer and manageable on the figure.

This suit is stiff due to the zipper mainly used all throughout the suit. The boots are molded plastic but well detailed. The suits do limit the articulation of the figure, i suggest using a more stiffer body joints to achieve desired poses.

Enjoy the New Years festivities, handle fireworks/firecrackers with care and have a safe/happy celebration welcoming the year 2010! Peace 🙂


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