FIX Figuration MSA-0011 (Ext) Ex-S Gundam

This is Bandai Fix Figuration #0011 : MSA-0011 (Ext) Ex-S Gundam

I’m familiar to the Master Grade (MG)  and High Grade (HG) Gundam kits, this is my first Fix Figuration kit.

The MSA-0011 S (Superior or Supreme Gundam) is the basic core of this kit. Then additional parts converts it to the MSA-011 Ex-S variation, you decide what variation you want to make. This gundam was use in the “Gundam Sentinel” novel, If your familiar with the Zeta Gundam then this is its successor(?) sort of.

Unlike the MG kits, this gundam is already built, painted, printed/decals. Minor assembly only for attachment of accesories or transformation to a different variation unit (no glue needed just snap in parts). Inspecting the figure itself its construction is similar to a HG kit. The MG kits have a inner whole frame/skeletal structure.

This kit is in 1/144 scale (approximately 6 inches tall). In Ex-S variation the model is quite heavy and it cannot support its own weight, so the Figure stand is quite handy. It has articulation similar to HG kits and is made of PVC/ABS plastic. Joints are ok but I cannot tell if its using polycaps like on MG/HG kits.

The MSA-0011 S and Ex-S variation. Note the difference in chest, groin, jetpacks, shoulder and knee attachments, and leg armor.

The Ex-S carries a bigger jet pack/boosters and have 4 beam cannons instead of 2 attached to it.

The legs have more armor in the Ex-S compared to the S.

The S and Ex-S both carry the Beam Sabers and Beam Smart Gun. The beam sabers (he has two!) are stored in a storage racks at the knee attachments. What’s disappointing about the Beam Smart Gun (also the beam cannons at the jet pack) they show deformation (manufacture error or quality control mishap?). He also have beam cannons attached at the hips and forehead and vulcan cannons at its head and tail stabilizer.

I’m not a paint expert but i can say it’s nicely done, though you would notice some paint spills/uneven(?). Surface have a nice texture to it, nice to see panel lines applied enhancing the figure’s detail. Decals/prints/labels(?) are smoothly done. Figure weight/feel is ok  compared to an HG. I think PVC material is the reason. It has articulation but i won’t recommend this for play use, the Fix Figuration was intended i think for display, suitable for adult collectors. It’s an eye catcher despite its small scale. There are some parts that were deformed (maybe just my kit), possibly a warping from heat in storage/delivery or the characteristic of the PVC/ABS material i don’t know, so be carefull when buying one.

This Fix Figuration is numbered 0011 (there is at least 0043 kits that came out on this line), so this is one of their earlier release, Bandai tends to upgrade/improved their kits per release. I think in kit number 0036 they introduced the Frame System, similar to the MG skeletal body frame. And in kit number 0041(?) they introduced the metal parts to the body frame aside from their Fix Figuration Metal Composite figure line.

Maybe I’ll make another post describing in detail what this Gundam mecha design is capable of. I haven’t read (or saw if it did have a DVD released) the novel so slim idea as to what the story plot is for this particular Gundam.


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