Fix Figuration MRX-010 PSYCHO Gundam MK-II

Finally my first Metal Composite kit and its the Gundam Fix Figuration (GFF) #1003 MRX-010 Psycho Gundam Mk-II. This is Gunpla on “Steroids”!!! very heavy due to its metal components combined with the PVC/ABS plastic. Bandai should have replaced the regular GFF base plate since it barely fits on it!

Actually it is “Psyco” and not “Psycho”. It’s an abbreviation for PSYchic COmmunicator, this Gundam is controlled by the pilots mind/brain. MK-II is the successor of the original Psyco Gundam MRX-009. Both Psyco where featured in the Gundam series “Zeta Gundam” and “Double-Zeta Gundam”.

My photos don’t even do justice to it, as from other reviews i read so far, you need to see it first hand to fully appreciate its beauty and design, it really feels like a mini robot on your hand! It is in 1/144 scale yet it towers (at 11+ inches tall) over any Master Grade kits in 1/100 scale!

Having metal parts the joints are really tight and it thus have a wide range of articulation. My only comment, no layout or info on how the joints are constructed so you will be hesitant to handle the movement, you’ll never know if your breaking it already or not. Hope Bandai or some Gunpla guru can explain the full articulation possibilities on this GFF.

His fingers are ball jointed to the palms, but no articulation along the finger joints itself. so its a curve shaped finger and thumbs. An extra pair of closed fisted hand is included by the way. The “V” shaped antenna on his head is of bendable rubber material, but an extra one is included in hard plastic. The arms are capable of detaching (no photos maybe next posting) as a weapon! and the head also serve as the cockpit and escape pod, it detaches like an ejection seat if ever the Psyco is destroyed.

The Psyco can transform into a “mobile armor” or in this case a “mobile fortress”. Still studying its transformation process so maybe in another post i can show its transformation. Since Psyco is such a massive gundam he suffers from slower agility and flexibility thus it compensates by transforming into a “mobile fortress”.

GFF Psyco MK-II is huge even only at 1/144 scale and with metal parts and transformation design its a definite buy for any Gundam collector. The paint and details are close to perfect, be carefull not to scratch it i don’t know if they applied a top coat for scratch protection. It’s great for display and minor play(?) maybe just posing for photo. I haven’t assembled my Perfect Grade (PG) gundam kits yet so i can’t compare them at the moment.


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