160th S.O.A.R. “Nightstalkers”

Ok this is not the Nightstalker figure from Hot Toys!  Since it was a hard-to find and pretty expensive if you do find one, i decided to make my own version.  Members of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) are mostly pilots and crews, they specialized in night flight operations, mostly insertion and evac of men or equipment in special (and secret) missions.

This is a kitbash of a crew member assigned to a transport chopper, securing landing zone perimeter while chopper unload or loads men and equipment.

I used a  BBI G1.0 body with gloved hands from BBI John Salias figure. no time to do a full photo session with this figure so no body/head pictures.

M3T HALO Helmet from Hot Toys Navy Seal HALO UDT Jumper / Goggles is from VeryHotToys / SF-10 gas mask from BBI.

Flightsuit in Tan color from Saturday Playhouse USMC RCT figure / TP1 Body Armor vest from Hot Toys VBSS figure / SIG Sauer 556 rifle from Hot Toys /  lace-up cloth boots from Soldier Story.


M9 pistol with leg holster, belt, and Grenade leg pouch from Dragon DML. Smoke grenades from Toy Soldier(?) / Pouches and water bottle from Hot Toys.


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