Carrier Flight Deck Crew

Ever wonder why Navy personnel on flight decks of aircraft carriers wore a variety of jersey color? It’s for job function identification. Each color signifies a specific role or job group they have on board. Not only in Carriers but also in Helicopter decks aboard navy ships. They use the color Purple, Blue, Yellow, Red, Brown, White, and Green.

The Color is indicated on their  jersey, vest, and helmet. Since i can’t find any similar green vest, i used instead a safari or journalist type vest (some green guys acts as photographer’s mates). I added sidearm pistol (in this era of terrorism always be ready) and extra leg pouch for equipment/tools storage (the green guys also seems to be doing the dirty work – maintenance/troubleshooting).

Good thing i have a Hot Toys VBSS figure which has the same helmet use by the flight deck crews. It being green decided what jersey color to find. I found one from the Soldier Story CIA SOG operator. The pants i got from VeryHotToys pararescue desert camo uniform.


I’m using the Hot Toys TrueType Slim body, the head size is just a perfect fit for the helmet, the molded Oakley boots are hot toys too. The safari vest i forgot what brand, must be BBI(?). The extra com radio with handset is from Dragon DML, they seem to communicate with a lot of people on deck so  i decided to give him a separate com line for special purposes – like calling home long distance! hehe 🙂

Photo below left shows him on board the USS Flat Iron! 🙂


To see the complete list of Colors worn by flight deck crew visit this site:


7 thoughts on “Carrier Flight Deck Crew

    1. Thanks. where to look for this kind of toys? they are 1/6 scale figures about 12 inches tall.
      Depends on your location they can be found in hobby stores but mostly i buy thru online toy stores.
      I can recommend this online stores (US based) Monkey Depot, Viking Playground, WarToys. Try also ebay.
      Please search on the internet for more infos about the different brands of 1/6 figures (Hot Toys, Soldier Story, Dragon, DID and many more) before buying. enjoy and goodluck.

  1. Ho visto il soggetto in questione, volevo sapere da voi dove posso comprarlo? Oggetto molto bello. Cordiali saluti Vito nasca.

  2. Ogetto molto bello. Gradirei sapere da voi dove lo posso comprare, dato che sono molto interessato per la mia collezione. Aspetto vostre notizie grazie. Cordiali saluti Vito nasca.

  3. green jerseys are plane mechanics or catapult and arresting gear crewmen. I spent six years in the navy most of it on the flight deck

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