This is my version of a Terminator from the Future.

I’m naming this Terminator X.

The headsculpt is a repaint version of the Hot Toys “Dutch” (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the face camo was removed, the facial hairs unpainted. I’m using an ACE body.

I use DID WWII German brown shirt (from T.Becker) and Soldier Story cargo pants (from CIA SOG) matched with Hot Toys winter boots (from Mountain Sniper); Hot Toys British DPM Parka (from British Tank Commander); Gloved hands by ACE.


Meet Arnie’s little friends – “Big Baby” and “The Samaritan” (from Hot Toys Hellboy II) with this guns he can Terminate almost anything!

Terminator X – Extreme measure a must,  failure is not an option! An RPG-7 (from Hot Toys) with mini-nuke warhead and a Javelin (from 21st Century) Anti-Matter Missile Launcher (hehe!)

“knock knock”… “Who’s there?”… “Asta La Vista Baby!!!” 🙂

I really like how this kitbash turn out, I was limited to just using what is available in my loose part bin, cutting down on new purchases at the moment. The uniform style I based on the Toys City CIA operative.

Good thing the ACE body is compatible with the boot-feet of Hot Toys, those boots do match the color of the shirt – Terminator with style! I don’t have the Hellboy belt and holster so i was wandering how he can carries all his weapon, maybe just beam up from the future! it’s a science fiction figure anything is possible.


2 thoughts on “HOT TOYS TERMINATOR X

    1. Thanks 🙂 i’m not a pro customizer just kitbashing stuffs, more on trial and error mix matching. I plan on one but end up with a completely different theme figure. I tried before posting in onesixthwarriors but always have error, o well will get to it someday 😉

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