Dragon DML NEO-3 Body

To those who are thinking of an alternative cheaper 1/6 body to use for their kitbashing you might want to check out the new Dragon Neo-3 body, this is basically the Neo body but with an upgrade in the shoulder joints.

These Neo-3 bodies are very cheap compared to Hot Toys, Ace, or even the newer TTL bodies. Considering most of your figure will be for display, articulation can be considered secondary option to look for.

By the way this figure is kitbashed representing a WWII German SS rifleman. The uniform, belt, pouches, knife, straps, boots, and helmet is from DID. The camo pants and rifle is Dragon DML. I think the major downside in articulation on the Neo is the wrist movement and neck reach. But you can use a different hand/wrist with better movement like the BBI or Soldier Story with just a slight modification to fit it thru the Neo wrist peg slot.

Check out the chest frame not too bulky compared to DID, the uniform have a natural drop on the body.

I’m using a Hot Toys headsculpt, it just fits nicely on the Dragon neck post without modification. The headsculpt do give an improvement to any figure making it more real-like than just looking like a toy soldier.

Comparison between a Neo-3 and the original Neo-Adam Dragon Bodies:

Note the chest, the bulk is slighty lower compared to the original which is good. The wrist, foot, legs, hips, neck are still the same as the Neo before.

Note the shoulder joints and body sculpt form. You can see the improvement on the arms reach, a more natural pose can be achieved. Overall the Neo body is pretty decent, its sturdy, stable, proportion. Only suggestion is to improve the wrist articulation and make the neck post replaceable or removable.

To those interested in kitbashing or getting into 1/6 figure hobby, do check out all the available brands before buying, knowing the several options and choices out there firsthand will give you a better judgement in selecting your figures.



2 thoughts on “Dragon DML NEO-3 Body

  1. Hey Al

    Great comparison of body types, its always so hard to determine which is best for certain uniforms. I wanted to know if you ever did a comparison between the Dragon Neo 3 and any of the other manufacturers body types? If so can you send me a link to review please?

    Thanks Bravo Bob out

    1. Thanks Bob, the Neo-3 is basically the Neo body but slimmer chest size and better shoulder articulation. Will try to post comparing it with other brands. I did a 1/6 body comparison post way back titled HOT TOYS TRUETYPE 38 SLIM BODY, you can check it out.

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