Matrix in Equilibrium!

 This kitbash is based on the Matrix “Neo” and Equilibrium “Cleric” sci-fi/fiction characters.

I used the Matrix “Neo” figure by N2 Toys (?), replaced the body with a Hot Toys TrueType-38 from their British Tank Commander figure, and replaced the pistols with those of an Equilibrium figure from Triad Toys (?) Equilibrium set.

The headsculpt is a Christian Bale likeness from Hot Toys Batman (the  dark discoloration on the face was from the skull balaclava of F4 Toys, seems the color of the balaclava transferred to the head! bad, ruined the sculpt!, i was trying a Punisher look earlier).

I added the MP-5 assault rifle from Hot Toys firearms collection, knife and rappelling harness with clamps/connector from Soldier Story, MP-5 leg drop ammo pouch from Very Hot Toys, rifle sling from Playhouse.

The molded boots of the Matrix Neo from N2 got replaced by using a WWII boots from Dragon DML then combined it with gaiters from Hot Toys Airborne Rangers. somehow it worked well since articulation on the ankles can still be achieved compared to using a regular tall boots or molded boots.

Some “Gun-Kata” pose. If you knew the movie “Equilibrium”  then you know what “Gun-Kata” is.

Still experimenting on how to take photos of all black clad figures…

… hard to capture the details clearly… maybe proper lighting is needed and a better camera(?) I’m still just using my cell-phone camera.



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