Army Special Forces Night Ops

This is my 1/6 (12-inches) kitbash figure version of an Army Special Forces (SF) Night Operations.

Backpack, Protec half-cut helmet with M-983 NVG, ESS clear lens goggles, black kneepads are from Very Hot Toys.

GPS on wrist-strap pouch, strobe light, knife, and radio-com from Hot Toys; Elbow pads and pistol belt from Dragon DML.

M9 pistol with leg holster and Leg drop pouch from Soldier Story; footwear is a WWII german mountain boots from DID.

The M14 Socom rifle with silencer  from Hot Toys PMC Firearms Collection-3. Secondary weapon is the P-90 rifle with silencer also from Hot Toys featured in their Firearms Collection-1.

Im using a Carl Weathers look-alike headsculpt from Hot Toys “Apollo Creed” figure over a TTL v 3.0 AA body. The TTL bodies are very similar to Hot Toys TrueType. body parts are interchangeable between this two brands. With regards to body joints I still prefer the TrueTypes stability, but price wise TTL is way cheaper than Hot Toys.

All black uniform composed of BDU pants from Very Hot Toys, and Fleece jacket from Toy Soldier. The vest is a Spear Body Armor from Very Hot Toys (did not include the pouches).


This is basically the Navy Seal Night Ops Jumper figure but i removed the Parachute gears, navy seals equipment like life vest and breathing apparatus,  replaced the weapons and some gears. The Night Ops Jumper by Very Hot don’t have that good quality parts thus the changes.


Lighting effects, seems bright day light reveals better details on the subject, maybe additional lighting lamps at proper angle can do the same result. Shadows gives drama of some sort though to the scene. o well the fun in amateur photography.



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