German ISAF KSK – Kommando Spezialkräfte

This kitbash uses the Soldier Story ISAF German Combat Uniform set.

I’m using a Hot Toys truetype body with gloved hands and socket-type boots. Headsculpt is Christian Bale look-a-like. The uniform is tailored loose (no belt is included in the set), it is in Flecktarn camo design.

ISAF – International Security Assistance Force. ISAF is a NATO led coalition currently overseeing Afghanistan. Note the ISAF velcro attach patch. The German flag is sewn directly to the uniform, nicely done.

Soldier Story did a great job in reproducing the German ballistic vest by Mehler Vario Systems in 1/6 scale.


The boonie hat is a bit tight on this Hot Toys head and i find it a bit odd in shape compared to other boonie’s.

The G-36 rifle is from ACE (or Aoshima?) and the kneepads is from VeryHotToys.

Overall the uniform set is very well done, good quality from Soldier Story. Hoping Soldier Story would release additional modern german gears/accessories (like a helmet) soon to fully complete this ISAF KSK kitbash.


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