This is a revision of the Hot Toys NBC figure. NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) suit is worn when hazardous chemicals is present in the field of operation or is suspected to be in use by the enemy.

It consist of the Gas mask / Overgarments / overboots / gloves / undergarments and helmet cover (not included/shown here). Aside from the suit, soldiers are required to take vaccines/pills against hazardous chemicals/nerve agents.

MOPP (Mission Oriented Protective Posture) refers to the wearing of the NBC suit with respect to the condition level of threat in the field.

Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) levels :

MOPP Level 0 — Protective mask worn in carrier, at side. Overgarments, gloves, and overboots accessible.

MOPP Level 1 — Chemical agent detectors worn, mask worn in carrier at side. Overgarments worn.

MOPP Level 2 — Overgarments and overboots worn. Gloves and mask readily accessible.

MOPP Level 3 — Mask, overgarments, and overboots worn. Gloves kept ready.

MOPP Level 4 — All protection worn.

The white strip changes color depending on the air surroundings wether contaminated by hazardous chemicals. The overgarment is worn tight/sealed in the wrist and ankle, strings also tightens the upper garment and Gas Mask hood. The boots are also protected by wearing additional protective over boots. Wearing these NBC suit looks exhaustive, just imagine the hot climate and you’re wearing these!

A detector/instrument is use to verify or confirm the presence of hazardous chemicals/radiation/nerve agent within the vicinity.

The main changes on this figure is the body and overgarment. I used a TTL body (replacing the old/original Hot Toys body which is a bit out of proportion), and Saturday Toys protective suit (forgot what set it is called) which is way better than the suit included in the Hot Toys NBC figure.

 The headsculpt is supposed to be Ice-Cube look-alike. guess they based this on the 1999 movie Three Kings starring George Clooney, Ice-Cube, and Mark Wahlberg. This is one of Hot Toys earlier headsculpts still lacking that texture commonly known in their newer figures. I still need to replace the gloves, still looking for a similar protective gloves use for NBC warfare. 


In the movie Jarhead, you can see the woodland overgarment they are wearing similar to this.

A step-by-step photo illustration on wearing the NBC suit/gear can be seen here :


6 thoughts on “HOT TOYS NBC

    1. The figure I featured here is actually that one on your photo, i just replaced the uniform, it includes two gas mask type one shown in your photo and one shown here.

      1. hey i have been looking EVERYWHERE for this figure and i cant for the life of me find it. i was wondering if you knew anywhere or if u had any i could pay you. its just that is one that i have been looking for, for ever.

        thank you.

      2. hi, in EBAY you can find these just type in HOT TOYS NBC. I found a lot on bidding NOW!. Theres even a NBC in british camo like mine on bidding loose. Most HOT TOYS military figure released before can be found in EBAY but you just have to be vigilant, you can catch a good deal.
        Take note that my NBC figure here is the Hot Toys NBC with the British Camo suit but i replaced it with a Saturday Toys NBC uniform.

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