Sniper Ghillie Suit

This is my first try at making a ghillie suit, it’s not perfect but for now it works for me. It took me awhile (weeks!) to meticulously attach/tie the strings individually together! (strings are from a BBI Elite Force Sniper Camo String set)

I used Barrack Sergeant Multicam uniform set, attached camo strings all over the uniform by creating a web/net like base over the uniform, then attached individually the camo strings along the web/net base.


I also attached strings on the boonie hat and sniper rifle (Hot Toys Heckler Koch PSG-1 sniper rifle). I used a Barrack Sergeant Body since it is very articulated in all joints any pose is possible specially suited for prone sniping position.

Ghillie suits are able to merge/blend with the surrounding area not just by the suit itself but by the option to attach natural materials present in the area of operation (e.g. surrounding foliage, leaves of the trees, bushes, plants etc). There’s also a blanket type ghillie.


There are many different types of ghillie suits, one famous are those use by snipers which only covers the back side of the body. This one i made is a whole body covering type of ghillie, looks like a star wars wookie!


I did not use any adhesives on this ghillie, it’s all just tied up loop around the multicam uniform (along the waist belt loops as anchor). On the rifle same thing, i did not wrap tightly on the entire length but a bit loose so as not to outline the rifle itself. I think they use some kind of cloth screen(?) to cover the rifle scope lens as not to reflect light on it.


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