1st SFOD-D / Delta Force

This is my kitbash of a US Army 1st SFOD-D (Special Forces Operation Detachment – Delta) or famously known as Delta Force.

They are US’ primary counter-terrorist unit. They are also involved in special/covert operations like counter-insurgency, hostage rescue, military intervention and raids.

I’m using the ACE SFOD uniform and gears (woodland camo) ;  Hot Toys accessories and True Type body ( Jake Gyllenhal look-alike headsculpt).


ACE woodland BDU with belt – i really like this version by ACE, it was made for their Mk-1 Body which is big in proportion so when use on a Hot Toys Truetype or other type of 1/6 body it will be somewhat loose fit. But this loose fit is ok for me, and on a Truetype it was just great match.


 The body armor i think is an AAV FSBE  or  SPEAR RBA type. Chest Rig is a TAS CSA IV with back pack (or back pocket system) and hydration bladder. This chest rig is amazing in detail, pouches for almost everything! Both chest rig and body armor nicely done by ACE in 1/6 scale.

AWS subload/dropleg pouch also part of the ACE SFOD set. I added a knife with leg strap scabbard, kneepad, and ESW goggles all from Hot Toys.

Shotgun is from Hot Toys Terminator Salvation Marcus figure. The SCAR-L STD (black) is from Hot Toys Firearms IV collection series.

M9 pistol with lanyard, Protec helmet with AN/PVS-21 low profile night vision goggles, and F3 radio with headset from Hot Toys.


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