EKO Einsatzkommando ‘COBRA’

This is my revision of the 1/6 Medicom RAH COBRA figure set.

Einsatzkommando (EKO) is the Counter-Terrorism unit of Austria. it was formerly known as Gendermerieeinsatzkommando (GEK). It’s unit codename is COBRA somehow influence by the TV-series ‘Mission Impossible’ (?)


The distinctive oversized helmet with large ear covering and helmet cover camo. It does look big but you can make a comparison to the real one check it here: http://www.specialunits.eu/Austria-EKO-Photo.html.

I’m using the ACE MK1 body with a Soldier Story S1 headsculpt, a perfect match i would say, the newer Soldier Story S2 headsculpts would not fit i think due to the newer head connector design. The ACE MK1 is a bit wide in the waist and have large thighs and wider shoulder frame, so difficulty in looking for 1/6 clothing to match and thats why ACE clothings are loose when use on other 1/6 bodies. Here I’ve use a Toy Soldier hood shirt and Playhouse jeans. the jeans barely fit on the MK1 body.

This is basically the Medicom RAH COBRA figure set, i just replaced the body, clothings, and pistol/holster. The rest are all Medicom original gears. Note the small armor shield with light (nope this light does’nt work), arent they supposed to be carrying larger shields to protect the whole body?

The Steyr AUG A1 and the Heckler Koch MP-5 SD3 rifles. This was done by Medicom years way back but the details are great, a little paint weathering and this can be at par with newer released 1/6 weapons today. I might try to get some of those 1/6 Steyr AUG’s rifles i kind of like them now after seeing this Medicom version.

A blue armor vest? yep, a bright blue! That’s why i chose a blue theme for the clothings to match the vest. I don’t know if this color is really used for real, EKO uses all black uniform gears i think. The Glock pistol on the chest is from Dragon DML, and the Glock pistol with leg drop holster is from Very Hot Toys. The drop leg pouch is from Hot Toys.



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