Star Wars ‘Bobba Fett’ Bounty Hunter

A bit busy lately no time for a kitbash so i decided to open one of my still sealed up boxed figure for a quick review… The Star Wars Original Trilogy Collection Series 12 inch Boba Fett by Hasbro ‘Kenner’.

I think at least 3 versions  (Medicom RAH / Marmitt / and Hasbro) of this Boba Fett 12 inch figure (1/6 scale) were released. Hoping on Sideshow to make their version soon. Too bad Hot Toys don’t have the license for Star Wars.

The gray suit cloth material is nice, just the right thickness/ruggedness  for rough handling/play. The pouches are functional with velcro closures. The belts is molded plastic (same to all accessories) and is weathered finished for that worn out look. The brown cape is also very nice.

The footwear as you can see is itself the foot of the body figure, so no separate foot inside a boot setup here. The kneepads are nicely done and attached securely by elastic straps. There is ankle leggings strap around the lower pants.


The backpack rocket/thrusters is attached through inset holes, no moving parts on this gear.

The body armor is molded plastic and is sewn close at the sides. I was hoping to remove everything from the body for an unpgrade kitbash but with that armor sewn on to the gray suit itself presents a minor problem so maybe next time. The gloves are fully attached to the arm guards(?) so limited articulation there. I was trying to remove the hands but had a hard time doing it, but i think it’s the same setup to their Jango fett figure too.

The two insignia you will notice on the figure, I’m not familiar with the green logo, but the one on the shoulder is I think the Mandalorian insignia. I’m a Star Wars fan but not that devoted as to study the background story on each characters.


Boba Fett’s rifle/blaster and his wrist flamethrower. Take note the right glove hand does not fit perfectly to the rifle’s grip and butt stock.

The helmet may not be that movie accurate in size proportions, but still Hasbro has done well on this 1/6 helmet. Note the comparison between Jango and Boba fett’s helmet. Jango’s has better plastic sturdiness on that antena-like eye HUD ( ? sorry don’t know what it’s called). and another thing the Jango helmet is removable since it has a headsculpt underneath but the Boba fett has none.

Jango’s headsculpt from Hasbro’s Jango Fett figure. Do take note that this are Hasbro 12 inch figures which in reality are not true 12 inches in height compared to 12 inch figures of today. I think they match the Medicom RAH height (?), will do a side by side height comparison next time with a Medicom figure.

Overall this is one great figure to have. It might not match well with the detailed versions of Medicom or Marmitt, but your kids can play with this one with no problem of breaking it so soon. To be honest i was expecting a not too good figure considering it is an old product but to my surprise this figure is great! If you can change the body on this one then would be an improvement since it is short compared to other 1/6 scale figures.


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