Helicopter Door Gunner

This kitbash is based on a Verlinden 120mm figure model (i saw in FineScale Modeler site http://cs.finescale.com/FSMCS/media/p/1234081.aspx ), a custom Vietnam era helicopter gunner crew or door gunner as they call it.

‘Bullets rain from the sky’ – you can be certain one’s coming from a helicopter transport! Door gunners give fire support to ground forces during evac and deployment. They usually use the M60 machine gun during the Vietnam era, but i found out they where also using the mini-guns or ‘gatling gun’.

I’m pretty certain the mini-guns on the choppers is mounted for stable firing and not hand-held, just imagine the recoil and weight on this baby! The mini-gun i used here is probably an Ultimate Soldier or 21st century toys brand. I don’t think Dragon DML and BBI did a mini-gun before. Note the plastic molded mini-gun ammo belt, its stiffer or harder plastic compared to the Hot Toys version. I did not include the ammo backpack, lets just say he leaves it mounted on the chopper!

This mini-gun is decent in quality, details are ok, maybe a touch of weathering paint finish will give it more of that realistic metal weight feel. I have those Hot Toys mini-guns from the Terminator figures will do photo comparison next time.  The helmet is from Ultimate Soldier, my only complain about this helmet is the visor is not transparent, would love to customized it someday, replace some parts on it.

I’m using a Ignite body with a DID headsculpt (from George Puller figure). The head doesn’t fit snuggly on the neck post of the Ignite body, will update next time i guess. The black vest is from BBI in place of the Vietnam body armor vest.

He is wearing a Tiger striped camo uniform from Soldier Story / Pistol belt, pistol with cloth holster, strobe or compass pouch, and water bottle are from Hot Toys. I added two pouches from ACE or Toy Soldier (i forgot, it’s a SAW gunner ammo pouch), and also a messenger pouch with shoulder strap (unknown brand). 


‘Meet my little friend – MiniGun!” / Side by side with my Hot Toys F4 phantom pilot, both of them wearing the Tiger stripe cammo (vietnam era version). I could identify this figure as one of the chopper crew who transported Arnold’s elite team in the movie Predator. He is in fact using the pistol/holster from the Hot Toys Dutch figure.



7 thoughts on “Helicopter Door Gunner

  1. I LOVE MINI GUNS!!!!!
    That’s my future right there!!
    😀 muahahahahaahahaahahah (laughter)
    I’m stilll joinin the marines!

  2. Hi, I have recently been reviewing your website for some time right now and love to to go through your content. Just planned to give you loads of feedback for this one. I do think that anyone can profit from this if it truly is placed appropriately. Well, expect that you come up with some more superb articles shortly. I can sign up for your feed and come back the next day.

  3. Once you get your hands on one of these, you’ll never let go. The one I used could be set for 3200 RPM or 6K RPM. If you have a weapon in your hand that is capable of firing 6K RPM, setting it to 3200 RPM never made much sense to me. I wasn’t paying for the rounds! 🙂

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