threeA WWRp MK2 Bertie Marine JEA

 Been busy lately (kitbash figures on hold at the moment), luckily i just received the MK2 Bertie Marine JEA Division by threeA.

“WARNING – This is not a Toy!” – as printed on the box… this is one of those so-called “Designer” toy category. World War Robots Portable (WWRp) is in 1/12 scale, half the size of their World War Robots (WWR) counterparts. threeA toys are designed by Ashley Wood.

The J-Holmes 60mm GIZ gun – a three barrelled gatling gun/cannon. The bullets are made of a soft rubber(?) type material thus making it flexible. a bit of problem in fitting the bullets to the gun and ammo backpack, the rubber is too soft to safely slide in the slot/hole.


Included in the box set is a cube or square figure, sort of mini-me robot. both figure have articulation on all joints.


The paint job is really amazing making everything looks solid metal! It looks die-cast and heavy. The first thing you will notice upon opening the box is the strong scent of new paint! This figure is heavily weathered, painted to simulate metal rust, battle stress.

The fingers are individually articulated. the joints are tight. The pouches are functional but i had a hard time opening it so i decided not too to avoid breakage. The belt is removable. The ammo pack/tank is detachable.

Overall this is a 5 out of 5. Great figure to have. For more info about threeA check this site: and



3 thoughts on “threeA WWRp MK2 Bertie Marine JEA

  1. This is the best 1/6 site I’ve seen!! I love your enthusiasm, imagination and your willingness to share your passion in such a delightful diary!! :). I myself have a nice collection of HT military, but many are still boxed. I want to try kit bashing and weathering and your site provides a neat package of motivation to get started! Thanks so much… And by the way, after looking at your 3a collection, now I’m drooling. Any way for me to get the same wwr you have here, one year later?? :). There are new ones coming out so I don’t know what to do… Thanks for your time Al…

    1. Thanks for the uplifting comment 😉 but there are much better 1/6 sites and forums out there.
      Yup a lot of good stuffs coming out almost every week nowadays, since I can’t buy all I settle for just picking out specific loose items and kitbash my own figure.
      My tip just take time learning about the company or maker of a particular figure, research research research first before buying!
      Cheers and Goodluck on your kitbashes 🙂

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