WA’ZUP Commander

Somehow World War II ended in a different manner, Hitler was successfully eliminated by the German resistance fighters but had to struggle fighting off the dreaded Nazi’s. By the combine strength of the Allied-Soviet-German forces, the Nazi’s where wipe out but not after releasing a bio-chem weapon which changed the world ever since… Only a third of the entire population of earth survived from the Bio-Chem weapon and are left to defend itself from the new world order of the Zombies!

Year 2010, a new group of fighters – WA’ZUP – World Alliance against Zombie UPrising – haha, so the story plot goes, finally got a background plot for kitbashing my WWII gears with modern ones. Of course inspired from Ashley Wood’s works and stories.

Meet my WA’ZUP Commander, those N.O.M commanders by Ashley Wood are hard to find and way way expensive so i made my own version,sort of. My WA’Z project is still a work-in-progress kitbash so a bit of casual photos here, will update next time…

This Commander is of the German group sector, as you can tell from the uniform his wearing, any traces of Nazi insignia are of course all removed 🙂 The coat is from DID, they really make nice 1/6 clothings/uniforms, the buttons are all functional. the fabric is like suede with nylon inner linings. The cap is also DID from their german SS gear.

The Gas Mask is from Sideshow, i think from their WWI german figure(?) I got it from ebay a bit expensive but its worth it, a rare item nowadays. It’s made of cloth material, the details are great, nice paint weathering applied on the mask filter.

Underneath the coat is an american overall suit WWII era from Battle Gear toys. Included a chest harness from Toy Soldier bundled with german WWII stick grenades. I’m using a Barrack Sergeant body with a Hot Toys headscupt. The boot is WWII marching boots from DID, the gloves are from ACE.

The weapon is a mix of WWII and modern, even included the Tri-barrelled shotgun and long barreled magnum from Hot Toys Albert Wesker figure. His basic sidearm is a WWII luger pistol, then his armed with a RX-4 assault rifle from Dr. Figures.

Info on the RX-4: It is manufactured by Benilli Armi under Beretta of Italy, a gas-operated rotating bolt action rifle using 5.56mm NATO or .223 Remington cartridge ammo, it is called RX-4 Storm. Currently in use only by police and private security. It has interchangeable stocks – standard hunting rifle stock / sporting stock with fixed butt-stock and pistol grip / Tactical stock with pistol grip and 5 position telescoping butt-stock.

I really like the RX-4, despite this being Dr.Figures brand, a bit of glue/fixes, it’s ok and it was cheap, the rifle set includes the three stocks, silencer, two scopes, one pull mag, detachable grenade launcher with ammo, detachable forward grip. It can accommodate add-ons like light since it has railings.

Now if only I’m good at painting i can make this figure look similar to the one’s made by Ashley Wood! 🙂 I think I’m hook on those ThreeA figures been looking around for photos and info. The other figure line  i’m liking to collect are Brotherworkers / Apexplorers / Copperhead… designer toys as they call it.

By the way the background in the photos is the Hot Toys T2 Terminator T-800, yep Arnold himself! “I’ll be back” for its review next time.


2 thoughts on “WA’ZUP Commander

  1. Hey Al, I louve what you’ve done with this figure and the mix of the old with the new. That is one mean looking gas mask and it looks GREAT on your bash! Two thumbs up 🙂 really looking forward to seeing more WA’ZUP figures!

    1. Thanks alex, i spent many internet hours, ever vigilant for these elusive Gas Mask! Need to search for more or might end up customizing one, the world of the WA’ZUP is very toxic, no mask means turning into the very zombie they are fighting! 🙂

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