Marc de Flume

Marc de Flume is Zombie Exterminator Maximus (ZEM), a last in last out WA’ZUp trooper, if he is called in that means Zombies have potentially overrun the Zone of Interest (ZOI), considered contaminated and total purge is the recommended solution!

 He carries an M47 ‘Dragon’, used to be an anti-tank portable missile carrier system but now totally converted into a Zombie Missile Buster (ZMB) launcher. The ZMB effective radius of destruction is 5 miles. Once fired the weapon is essentially ditch, and the trooper needs to run like crazy to get out of the fall-out radius.


The face hood is a WWII balaclava from DML. Shirt and pants is from Hot Toys.  Was hoping  for a more loose size 1/6 shirt. I wanted a low-waist baggy pants sort of hip-hop effect, i managed to somehow get that with the Hot Toys NBC ‘desert dpm pattern’ pants. the shoes is bbi or dml molded boots but i want a bigger looking shoes to go with the baggy pants.

I’m using a M17A1 Gas Mask from Hot Toys. a gas mask with air hose tubing would be better but that would be next to impossible to find one nowadays! The helmet is from DID, all metal WWII German helmet with chicken wire and heavily weathered paint finish. i removed the inner lining to fit properly on the head with the mask.

His sidearm is a long barreled magnum revolver from Hot Toys Albert Wesker.

Knife is a Japanese WWII bayonet from DID. I used a  ‘Hush Puppy’ pistol holster from Hot Toys.

The MK43 Mod-0 (from Hot Toys) also known as the M6E4 machine gun is WA’ZUp trooper’s main ‘light’ gun 😉

Got curious about the name ‘de plume’ and it turns out it is meant Pen Name. Nom de Plume in french(?). “A Pseudonym adopted by an author” as defined in Wikipidea.

I came out with the name Marc coz the headsculpt is a Mark Wahlberg look-alike. Flume meant open artificial water channel. Well Marc de Flume turns out to be a tension release valve sort of when Zombies numbers max in! 😉


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