Medicom Real Action Heroes (RAH)

I wanted to discuss about the 1/6 scale Medicom RAH (Real Action Heroes) body, and i get to have my Medicom RAH Indiana Jones figure as a reference.

The most notable thing about the Medicom RAH figures is their scale size. They are classified as 1/6 scale (12 inch height) figures but comparing them with other brands like the Hot Toys TrueType (TT) body, they turn out to be on the smaller scale.

The shoulder is narrower, the body frame itself is smaller. For me the body size is ok if the headsculpt to be use is that of a kid or younger age figure. But then again this body size offers diversity on your collection. In fact Hot Toys did a similar size body – the Hot Toys Slim TT body.

With regards to articulation, two thumbs up! Medicom RAH body offers great articulation it can even click the mouse for you! 😉 You can pose this guy any way you like but of course with clothing and gears, articulation will be limited somehow and that’s true to all 1/6 scale body figure.

You can easily break apart this body, screws are located all over the body including the legs and arms. It doesn’t use ball joint on the wrist and ankle, but at the ankle they engineered its design to keep the feet flat even with the legs at wide stance. The joints by the way are all tight.

Medicom RAH body can wear the tight clothing of other brands and make it appear loose.

Indian Jones in jeans (Newline Miniature slim denim) and shirt / Indiana Jones in Jokers suit 🙂


Yep you can use the clothing of other brand on a Medicom RAH but sorry not the other way around. as the photo show above the Hot Toys TT can’t even wear the Medicom RAH pants and the shirt are too tight on it. But the gears and accessories like the hat can still be use.

The headsculpts made by Medicom RAH has a style of it’s own, it reminded me of those Designer Toys how they have a distinctive look on their figures and sculpts. 


I think one main reason why Medicom RAH figures are pretty expensive, check the bottom, its the license, making them the official release figure for a particular movie/game/video etc. Medicom RAH has a category of its own, so comparing them to other 1/6 scale brands just won’t do justice and it’s time we stop whining about the downsides of any figure brands for each are a league of their own, less Indi here will whip your behind! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Medicom Real Action Heroes (RAH)

  1. As far as articulation goes, which figure would be better: Medicom’s RAH or Hot Toy’s True Types? I’m thinking of buying one to have as a reference for figure drawing/posing. Odd, I know, but from what I’ve seen they’re a hell of a lot better than any art manikin I’ve seen. So I’d basically like to know which one is more posable; such as the knees reaching the stomach and how far their legs can stretch, like in a splits. Any info would be great. And who knows, I might customize them too. 😛

    1. Hot Toys and Medicom RAH are almost the same but Hot Toys is more accurate in terms of size/scale. Check out Barrack Sergeant’s Bravo or Alpha bodies, they are i think the most articulated 1/6 scale body figure but one problem is quality, a bit loose in the joints. And the Barrack Sergeant can adapt other body parts from other brands to its body.
      Check out my posting titled Hot Toys TrueType 38 Slim body (posted 10/22/09), you can see photos of some famous 1/6 scale body brands comparisons. Thanks for visiting my site.

  2. I like the RAH figures a lot. I even used them in my stop-motion film Heroes Faith I ( ).

    What I hate is that some of them break way too much in the shoulders and hips. I broke my spider-man 4 times while making my movie. Needles to say I became an expert at fixing him, but at the prices these figure are I shouldn’t have to be. I do not know if these are still problem with medicoms newer figure. I hope so. I’m still hesitant to purchase anymore though.


  3. Hi,
    Do you have Severus Snape Medicom RAH? Do you know if he has the same body as Medicom RAH Indiana Jones or the same body as Harry Potter Medicom RAH? or Harry Potter is lower?


  4. Hi,

    Do you have Severus Snape medicom RAH? I am wondering if Medicom RAH Indiana Jones has the same body as Severus Snape? or if I can put Snapes head on Medicom RAH Indiana Jones body.
    og maybe I can put Snapes head on Harry Potter Medicom body?

    best regards,

    1. hi Vera, sorry I don’t have this Severus Snape figure, By the way I tried removing the Indiana Jones head, had a hard time removing the head with the neck but the head itself is ok. Now I try to place it on my Luke Skywalker Medicom but same thing I can’t remove the neck only the head. now the problem is they have different peg post to attach the heads, the skywalker was small the Jones bigger.
      I guess they will have same bodies but you might have problem with the neck/head peg/post. ang skin color varies in each figure, as such the case with my Luke which is pale compared to Jones.
      As far as I know all of them uses the Medicom RAH body, maybe just a slight difference on the pegs/post.

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