Sam the Vampire Slayer

Who’s the coolest vampire slayer in town?…………….   Samuel Jackson! 😉

With one stare from this guy, vampires come running back to their graves!


One two punch will break the vampire’s fangs then a follow thru from his pals’ Heckler and Koch!

The HK MG36 light machine gun with Beta C-Mag drum 100-round cartridge magazine.


His outfit is from Hot Toys Firespecter figure. Coat, jumpsuit, gloves, and the boots.


The coat is of good quality soft leather including the vest pad on the chest,  amazing work by Hot Toys. Headsculpt is from Hot Toys Spirit Octopus figure. Body is Hot Toys TrueType-38.

And for special occasion he finishes the job with a single shot from his 18th century Flintlock pistol from Hot Toys Pirates of the Caribbean ‘Feng’ figure.


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