Hot Toys Apexplorers Space Adam

Always fascinated by Apexplorer figures and finally I got one!

2106 Apexplorers – “Apexplorers finally… the earth will be given up by human”


“Adam was one of the animals that was sent to the space for exploration. It was the first ape-man which appeared through self-duplication. He handles matters practically, sensibly and with very high IQ. In order to save Earth, he risk his status to fight with the parliament of the Ape Empire.” – quoted from the figure box.


“Adam is King of the Ape Empire”… That is one cool headsculpt, it’s using a truetype long neck connector.


The body space suit is made of soft leather, quality is good, it unzips at the back and can be easily removed.

Beneath the space suit is a white “fat” suit, it has foam to bulk up the body structure. It’s using a Truetype body with a longer length arms, the neck, wrist, and ankle joints is same as normal Truetype so it’s possible to use a regular human headsculpt or even replace the entire body-head to have a human space explorer!

Among its accessories is the Power Controller, Blaze Gun, and the Apes DNA test tube.

The inside of the helmet is detailed and has two built-in led light, on top and inside the helmet. The Blaze gun is huge, have no idea how it works… His DNA test tube is holstered on top his space suit backpack.

It’s a bit pricey but is one cool figure to have, i give it a 4 out of 5 rating. Apexplorers is designed by Winson Ma, founder of Winson Classic Creation, check out his website


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