Hot Toys Mr. T

Laurence Tureaud  or  Mr. T – famous for his character role as “B.A. Baracus” of the 80’s TV series A-Team and as “Clubber Lang” of a Sylvester Stalone movie Rocky III

I got the headsculpt which Hot Toys did way back in their Rocky series figures. It lacks the skin texture which is now common in Hot Toys new released figures. by the way the hairstyle is based on a Mandinka Warrior which is an ethnic group in West Africa. Mr. T wants to emphasize his African ancestry, most African-Americans is said to be descendants of the Mandinka people of Africa. 


I can say it is a pretty decent sculpt of Mr.T, and I’m using the new TrueType body of Hot Toys – the TTM15, i replaced the Obama headsculpt with this one. The special feature of the TTM15 body is the removable thigh pads.


I want to introduce also in this posting the Hot Toys M4A1 rifle with Magpul M93 telescopic stock, RIS (Rail Interface System), Surefire light, forward handgrip, and Aimpoint Reflex flip-up rear/front sight scope with c-style mounting (looks like a ECOS-N sight scope?). This M4A1 is part of the 12 pcs Hot Toys Firearms Collection 4.


Noticed the ammo mag is transparent, seeing the bullets which appear to be bigger in size and is round tip. Still checking what kind of bullets this are. The M4A1 has an improve firing option of full-burst auto rather than the earlier three-round firing burst of the original M4 rifle.

Crye uniform in ACU pattern instead of the Multi-cam from Soldier Story / Boots, goggles, and PCU jacket is from Hot Toys / Safari-type holster with M9 pistol from Saturday Toys / ACU helmet is from Toy Soldier.


Plate carrier vest from Exper Toys / M4 ammo pouch, multi-purpose pouch, radio pouch, and radio com with Peltor headsets from Hot Toys.


“I Pity the Fool”  “First name Mr, middle name ‘period’, last name T!” – Mr. T


2 thoughts on “Hot Toys Mr. T

    1. Thanks Alan, i was really hoping to do him in his A-Team attire way back in his 80’s tv series but still searching for the right 1/6 street clothes.

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