Hot Toys Marlon Brando ECWCS – OICW

Hot Toys Marlon Brando headsculpt from the Godfather movie is truly sick, one of the best 1/6 scale headsculpt I came across…

The skin texture is amazing almost lifelike. note: cap on his head is a Balaclava rolled up.

His using a 6-color pattern plate armor vest for protection and featuring the ECWCS (Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System) – protective clothing system for extreme cold temperature developed by the US Army and currently in use today.

The ECWCS Fleece cold weather jacket and Extreme cold weather Parka and Trouser (both Hot toys).

The US Army OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon) program is aim at producing a weapon that can affect targets that are hidden behind cover. Primarily a weapon that can fire air burst munitions, a combination of assault rifle and grenade launcher. The grenade ammo is 20 – 25 mm high explosive air bursting pre-set to explode above or beside targets hidden from view!

Dragon DML released two sets of OICW rifles (OICW 1 and 2). Shown here is the OICW 2. Quality is good, it has moving parts and can be disassembled. It has 2 main parts, the regular assault rifle and the grenade launcher located on top.

There is only one trigger on this rifle, but it has a barrel selection switch to easily change from rifle to grenade launcher mode. It uses the same ammo as the M16 rifle. The scope uses red dot night and day sighting system with laser ranging capability. Unfortunately the OICW program was cancelled but it’s research led/influence to the development of other so-called future weapons like the XM8, XM109, MP-7, XM-26, land warrior system, etc. Note: Leg gaiters fromToys City SBS figure / M9 Swat pistol holster and drop-leg pouch from Hot Toys.


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