Edward Norton DEA – Recon

Heres my kitbash version of a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) agent on field recon assignment featuring Edward Norton headsculpt by Hot Toys.

Fully geared for black-ops with reliable sat-comlink and weaponry to accomplish its mission.


Parts breakdown:

DID multicam uniform – i prefer this over the Soldier Story version because it is adjustable in the wrist and ankles, and proper zip opening along the pants. / Low Profile Body Armor by Hot Toys – serves as my inner layer body armor will stop low caliber ammo/shrapnel. / Hot Toys boot-feet from their British figures.


Yep its Edward Norton! great sculpt but noticeable is the absence of skin texture as is now common in newer released headsculpts by Hot Toys. The eyes fixed gazed to the left will require you to use shades to cover this up. /  His doing recon so Binoculars is a must and Hot Toys have one with detailed and weathered finish. / The body is of course Hot Toys True Type 38 with gloved hands.


Blast Belt in multicam by Soldier Story with multipurpose pouch and radio with pouch. / Drop leg pouch with 40mm grenade ammo attachment by VeryHotToys.


 M9 pistol with holster on drop leg molle panel in multicam by Soldier Story. / flashlight-Torch with holster by Hot Toys / Knife with holster leg strap by Hot Toys.


FAST plate carrier vest with side panels matched with Multicam ammo pouches and M9 pistol on molle attached holster by Soldier Story / All other accessories by Soldier Story. The plate carrier vest acts as my secondary armor vest more suited to protect from larger caliber ammo/shrapnel.

Black cap by Saturday Toys – i liked this one snugly fit on the headsculpt / ESW goggles with adjustable elastic strap by Hot Toys / First Responder Back Pack by Hot Toys / LSAT radio-com with handset by Hot Toys / Radio headset comlink by Soldier Story.

HK (Heckler and Koch) G36 rifle with AG-36 grenade launcher from ACE G36 weapon set. The AG-36 grenade launcher has a lateral side opening for reloading which allows it to accommodate various size ammo compared to the restricted opening on the M203 launcher.


The G36 rifle will suit fine for now but would update it later. My DEA-Recon in team with my Delta-Force figure. I skip some parts/accessories which was supposed to be with this figure like the Helmet and GPS. In a hurry in making this post, will update most of my figures soon.


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