Hot Toys released two version of MEF ( Marine Expeditionary Force) figures, basically they differ in the uniform used – Olive Drab and Tan colored flight or overall suits. I got the Tan suit version and kitbash it with a Marine MARPAT (Marine Pattern) digital camo uniform with matching helmet from Saturday Toys Marine 2.0 set.

The Tan version features an African-American body and Hot Toys first rendition of a Wesley Snipes headsculpt, a far cry from its recently released Blade II Snipes headsculpt but for me is acceptable and decent sculpt. It looks like a younger image of Wesley Snipes.


Low profile body armor, Molle belt with shoulder straps, M1911A pistol with attached light and Safariland holster, Kneepads, gloves, and combat shoes are all in matching Tan color. Note the pistol holster is designed for left hand access, but the trigger finger glove is the right hand.

Assault vest with plate armor with triple pistol pouch, triple dual rifle ammo pouch, two single grenade/accessories pouch, and waist belt pouch. A bundled yellow light glow sticks and plastic restraint cuff single loop also in yellow color.


Benelli M4 Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun with telescopic stock and the M4 rifle with Red dot reflex sight scope (maybe a CompM2 or ECOS N), forward handgrip, visible bright light, and Telescopic stock. Note the ammo magazines consist of only simulation bullets, this figure is designated as Special Operation Training Group.


A bonus weapon is included in this box set – a short barrel M14 rifle (SOCOM Mod M14?) with Red Dot reflex sight scope.

AN/PRC-148 MBITR (Multi-Band Inter/Intra Team Radio) com with Peltor headsets / backpack is molle strap designed / Tan balaclava / ESW goggles (I replaced the original goggles since it was sort of small)

It took me awhile to individually attach the molle pouches (radio, backpack, ammo, etc) I almost gave up on it since it’s a bit frustrating to do, a lot of patience is a must!

The Tan flight suit is great but i prefer to use it on my other kitbashes maybe for  a pilot figure. This being a USMC the very first thing to come in mind was to use the MARPAT uniform on this guy. I did rearranged the placement of pouches on the vest thus it is not similar to the box set photo.

This figure set is loaded with accessories (from folding knife, tools, wristwatch etc) but noticeable lacking is a water bladder/tube or water bottle. Everything is top-notch quality but fragile so be carefull in handling (mostly the glued parts easily detach).


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