Here’s another of my fictional custom figure – WaZup SRMC (Sea Rescue Medical Crew). Yep even in high seas Zombies dwell!

Featuring old school items: Search and Rescue uniform from 21st Century Toys and a WWII Life Vest from GI Joe.

I modified the life vest by adding plastic snap buckles to fasten the vest. The uniform though outdated is of good quality and proper fit on any newer 1/6 scale body.

WaZup figures always requires a gas mask, on this one i removed the air filter part, this mask is from VeryHotToys SDU set with Night Vision attachment. Low Profile body armor in black from Hot Toys. Armed only with a pistol, WaZup SRMC requires fire support from other Wa’Zup troopers, his main purpose is medical treatment and evac.

His sidearm weapon is a Glock pistol with light attached from VeryHotToys. The Night Vision is for night operation rescue. It also has a heat signature ability to be able to identify humans from zombies.

A padded molle belt supports his assortment of pouches (first aid kits) and weapon holster. A mix of Soldier Story, Dragon DML, VeryHotToys items.

Additional medical equipment is carried on his large bag (from Hot Toys Joker) and Oxygen tanks (from Hot Toys HALO). The contaminated air of the WaZup world puts clean oxygen a must in medical treatment of zombie infected patients. Kneepads from ACE and boots from Soldier Story.


The vest is huge but i kind of like it, works well on this kitbash. A lot of GI Joe parts and 21st century can still be use (and sometimes a lot of them are of decent quality) and suitable for todays realistic 1/6 scale accessories.


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