Special Forces MK43 MOD0 Gunner

This is my version of a special forces heavy gunner using the MK43-Mod0 automatic weapon. 

I’m using the Playhouse Desert Digital Pattern Camo uniform set. It has a loose style fitting. This is their second version since the first one is a bit darker in shade.

The boonie hat that comes along with this uniform set is great, fit nicely on almost any 1/6 scale headsculpt. I got here a George Clooney look-alike headsculpt from Toy Soldiers, made i think from hard plastic, it;s heavy and won’t snap easily on other neck connectors. This one i glued directly to a BBI older neck post.

Body armor, radio com with headset, tinted goggles, bayonet with sheath, and torch-light from Hot Toys. I like the Torch light nicely detailed/weathered, and it has a holster that can be place on any molle panels, this one i attached to the Boonie hat.

The Interceptor Body Armor (IBA) was the replacement for the Personal Armor System for Ground Troops (PASGT) armor system of the 80’s-90’s era. This one has a neck/collar and groin protection attachment. (it also can be fitted with an optional shoulder pads/covering attachments). The IBA has two main parts, the outer shell Kevlar vest and the Small Arms Protective Inserts (SAPI) front and back armor plates (improved IBA version includes additional side SAPI plates).

The Eagle MLCS H-harness set from ACE consist of 4 M60 ammo pouches and a Long Range Recon Patrol (LRRP) buttpack. I added a camel back hydration system from Very Hot Toys.

Kneepads (from Very Hot Toys) and elbowpads (from Hot Toys) assures this figure can get down to business in firing his weapon at any position. M9 sidearm pistol with holster and ammo pouch from ACE.

The Hot Toys MK43 Mod0 machine gun in camo paint finish with ACOG sight scope, forward front grip, and bi-pods. It has moving parts and removable ammo cartridge.

Additional accessories includes Grenades (Hot Toys), plastic strap cuffs (DML Dragon), Drop pouch and wrist watch (Soldier Story). The body is Hot Toys Truetype-38 fitted with Mechanix gloves (Playhouse), the wrist pegs is compatible but somewhat loose fit.


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