Ceremonial Guard

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to all 🙂

Here’s a kitbash merging WWII and modern era outfits. I’ll consider this as another side story for my WaZup kitbash theme.

I’ve always wanted to have an honor or ceremonial guard figure, so here’s one featuring all black attire, unfortunately the gloves are brown!

Coat is from DID German ceremonial dress / Uniform is from Hot Toys Secret Service, which i added a neck tie from DID / Helmet is from Soldier Story CIA SAD / Boots is from DID German marching leather boots.

The body I’m using here is DML’s Neo-3 body / Headsculpt is Hot Toys / Gloved hands is DML.

Rifle is Hot Toys M14 SOCOM II with silencer. I liked the fixed stock and removed the scope, placed in the silencer since the barrel end is short. This figure kitbash is still a work-in-progress additional updates will follow soon.

This is my debut in using a Sony Cybershot DSC WX-5 digital compact camera. I set the camera for VGA 4:3 setting for smaller file size and just suitable for internet photo postings. Notice also the backdrop in the photos is all white for that studio look, I refrain from using camera flash so is just relying on table lamp lighting which I think needs more refinement.


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