Happy New Year!!!  This was supposed to be my year-end posting but now it’s my first posting for the year 2011, been busy lately.

Ok seems SideShow or Hot Toys will take decades before they released a SnowTrooper figure so I’ll be contented with what’s on hand at the moment – the one released by Hasbro.

I just replaced the body with a DID Ricky Foster figure and the rest is all original from Hasbro except for the gloves. I was unable to transfer the hand guard armor to the gloves.


I removed the armors and placed back using glue, a bit crude but will do for now. The black cloth around his neck is a balaclava, he wears it when he puts on his helmet. The helmet seems a bit large for this scale.

The weapon is a DID WWII British Bren rifle ( I noticed Star Wars weapons is based on WWII). The one originally from Hasbro is a bit huge blaster that can fire a plastic dart of some sort, so i replaced it with this one.

Hope Hot Toys will do Star Wars figures, if they do, in my wish list would be the Biker Scout and of course this one Snowtrooper 🙂


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